Our Business

Bringing business skills to your primary school.


Target age group: 9 – 11
Length: One – two weeks / half term

This enterprise programme for Year 5/6 classes enables pupils to work in teams of six to set up and run a business over the course of a half term or one/two intensive weeks.

While participating in an exciting business venture with their peers pupils will identify key business skills and consider their own skills and attributes. They will begin to recognise the skills required in different roles and will apply for a job, with each pupil taking the lead for one session.

Key features:

Pupils will:

  • Work in teams, make decisions and experience business in action
  • Consider Health and Safety
  • Understand target marketing, decide on a company name and create a business logo
  • Calculate resources required and calculate potential profit
  • Collect and analyse data using IT
  • Record their production process
  • Write a persuasive pitch
  • Explore marketing concepts and design an advertisement
  • Role play sales techniques
  • Devise a rota and experience a sales opportunity
  • Compete for prizes

Supports the school curriculum in the following areas:

  • Supports the delivery of a broad and balanced curriculum that promotes spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils and prepares pupils for later life
  • PSHE: contributes to a PSHE programme by introducing pupils to the role money plays in people’s lives and a basic understanding of enterprise
  • Maths: money provides a context for learning about using number
  • Welsh curriculum: supports PSE by helping pupils prepare for the challenges, choices and responsibilities of work and adult life and Mathematics through the ‘using number skills’ strand

But don’t just take our word for it…

  • “They learnt how to compromise – that was the biggest thing, and teamwork – the need to listen to each other and not always have their own way. Transferable skills such as working together…” [Teacher]¹.
  • “The cross-curricular work with teachers from other subject areas was a real benefit… Pupils did a lot of maths…they had their own budget and were responsible for making their own orders…” [Teacher]².
  • “Regardless of their background, pupils showed understanding of how a business is run and the key departmental and managerial roles involved. Such knowledge was something they would not normally gain at primary school…” [Muir, F. & Fettes, External Evaluation of Our Business]³


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  • ¹ and ² Muir, F. & Fettes, T. (August 2015) External Evaluation of Young Enterprise’s Our Business Programme, London: The Commercial Education Trust.
  • This report presents the findings from an independent evaluation commissioned by the Commercial Education Trust (CET) to research the extent to which the Young Enterprise Our Business programme impacts positively on participants. Read the External evaluation summary.