Secondary Programmes

Personal Economics. For ages 12-16

Develop money management expertise for life

Learning to manage money can be really tough for teenagers. In this programme, students are challenged through a  'life map'  to consider the ups and downs they will face in handling their own financial futures. A hands-on introduction to credit and debt, savings, investments and budgeting. Classroom based.

Learn to Earn. For ages 12-16

Help students make informed decisions about their future

Learn to Earn empowers students to take ownership of their life choices, think about their career options and the qualifications they need to pursue them. Students will consider their dream lifestyle, budget for it, set goals and plan their next steps to prepare them for life beyond education. Classroom based.

Project Business. For ages 13-16

Learn what it's like to run a small business

An eye-opening experience for students as they take on the role of a small business. During the programme, students compete in a series of enterprise challenges exploring the impact of business on investors, customers, employees and society. Classroom based.

Industry Masterclass. For ages 13-17

Get the inspiration, enthusiasm and vision for a great career

What does it take to succeed in one of Britain's dynamic industries? This Masterclass helps students get to grips with how a particular industry works and the skills needed to build a successful career. Classroom based.

Entrepreneurship Masterclass. For ages 13-17

Find out what entrepreneurs say is the key to success

The Entrepreneurship Masterclass challenges students to think about starting their own business and turn their ideas into action. Classroom based.

Employability Skills Masterclass. For ages 14-18

How does business work? Volunteers from business pass on the secrets of success

This masterclass features a series of challenges designed to illuminate key insights about business and help students feel confident about entering the world of work. Classroom based.

Money Matters. For ages 12-16

Financial education workshops for KS3 / KS4

Our interactive workshops for KS3 / KS4 are designed to develop skills and attitudes relating to money and money management and are delivered by our highly trained staff. We'll come to your school to teach your students about money. Classroom based.

Launch Pad. For ages 14-19

An ideal introduction to business and the Company Programme

We believe that there is no better way to learn than by giving students the opportunity to set up and run something for themselves. Launch Pad is a brand new programme which allows them to do just that. Classroom based.

Company Programme. For ages 15-19

Our flagship - the ultimate business challenge

In our flagship Company Programme students set up and run a real firm for a year under the guidance of a business volunteer. They get practical experience of the joys and pitfalls of creating a truly functioning enterprise.

Team Programme. For ages 15-19

An unforgettable experience

Designed to aid the transition from education into independent living for students with learning difficulties, students set up and run a real company or social enterprise under the guidance of their teacher, local business volunteer and Young Enterprise Manager.

Tenner Challenge. For ages 11-19

One month and just £10 to create a business

Tenner is Young Enterprise's national challenge and it's completely FREE! Tenner helps young people develop key skills including creativity, positivity, resilience and problem solving, using real money to take calculated risks in business.