Enterprise Without Borders

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Trade across Europe with the greatest youth enterprise organisation in the world

Learn the basics of international trade while at school, college or university

Initiated by Junior Achievement Young Enterprise Europe, Enterprise Without Borders provides an extra, no cost dimension to the Young Enterprise Company Programme. The programme facilitates partnership between Junior Achievement companies in Europe and Company Programme students in the UK. As well as giving students the opportunity to profile their products abroad, those participating learn the basics of International trade.

How does it work?
Students partner with schools across international borders, develop a product or service and make it suitable for export. All Company Programme companies are invited to take part. To find out more please see the JA Enterprise Without Borders website.

Experiences from across Europe

We have a case study brochure covering a range of Company Programme groups that have taken part in Enterprise Without Borders across Europe. To read more, just download our brochure. Please note that you must already be registered for Company Programme this year.

To get started register now at www.jaewb.org
If you have any questions please contact your local YE representative.