Company Programme 2010

Lucky Thirteen scoops HSBC Young Enterprise Innovation Award 2010

Vintage year for the greatest enterprise challenge a teenager can face



Thirteen celebrate their victory

‘Thirteen’ from Colchester County High School for Girls were awarded first prize after competing in the Young Enterprise Company Programme that sees students from schools and colleges across the UK set up and run their own business over the school year. Responding to the level of child obesity in the UK, ‘Thirteen’ set up a business that developed the ‘Vegimat’, a place mat or wall chart for children to encourage the consumption of fruit and vegetables.

Hayley Turner the Managing Director of ‘Thirteen’ was delighted to win. She said: “Like everyone, we were obviously hoping to be in the top three, but never imagined we’d actually win! The judges were really tough on us so it’s been a tricky few days but all the hard work has paid off. We’re so excited about the European finals – fingers crossed for more success!”

They were supported throughout the competition by their link teacher, Nick Harvey. Nick said: “At every round of the competition I have felt so proud of ‘Thirteen’. They have beaten all my expectations and are an outstanding team with an outstanding product. They have followed their noses and applied common sense to overcome challenges. The most important thing to remember is that they are trying to make a big difference to a big issue facing the UK.”

Runners-up at the awards were The Super Amazing Ginger Company from Dumbarton Academy in Scotland who developed an educational board game with CD-rom. In third place were Gibsights from Gibraltar College in Gibraltar who set up an MP3 Audio Walking Tour of Gibraltar, with a tailor made accompanying map.


Here is a list of the 12 teams that competed for the ultimate prize in the HSBC Young Enterprise Innovation Awards

  • East of England: ‘Thirteen’ from Colchester High School for Girls – produced a vegimat. This place mat was designed to encourage children to eat their five a day.
  • East Midlands: Bandwagon from West Bridgeford Sixth Form – produced customised festival style woven wrist badges.
  • London: Cielo from the Tiffin Girls’ School – designed ‘Compacked’ lunch box for people on the go.
  • North East: Brightlife Books from Newcastle Church High School – designed and produced children’s books on global warming and healthy living.
  • North West: Eclipse from Clitheroe Royal Grammar School – sold food hampers packed with high quality local produce.
  • Northern Ireland: Fibrix from Banbridge Academy – produced a fuel made from waste paper for burning on open fires and log burners.
  • Scotland: The Super Amazing Ginger Company from Dunbarton Academy – designed and produced “Dae Ye Ken”, an educational board game about Scotland.
  • South East: Oxygen from Oxford High School – designed an interesting children’s guide to Oxford.
  • South West: Buzzword from Richard Huish College – illustrated and produced a children’s book raising awareness of the declining bee population.
  • Wales: Trash Busters from Ysgol Tre-Gib – produced an educational recycling resource pack for children aged 8-11.
  • West Midlands: Felicitas from St Dominic’s School, Brewood – designed and manufactured, the ‘I: Charms’ fashion accessory to enhance the look of earphones.
  • Yorkshire and Humber: Gibsights from Gibraltar College – produced an MP3 audio walking tour of Gibraltar.


…And the finalists in the Telegraph New Media Award were:


Twenty111 win 2010 New Media Award






Winners: TwentyIII

The student designers of a portable media device holder have won this year’s The Daily Telegraph Young Enterprise New Media Award. Jasmine Tombs, Karina Sharpe and Jaggi Vasir from Parkstone Grammar School in Poole and Emma Rowland from Talbot Heath School in Bournemouth created the most effective video advert for their company, TwentyIII, and their product, the Standiii.