Company Programme 2011

Here are the runners and riders from the 2011 Company Programme final

Intense competition in a classic year saw Summit's Perfume Pen triumph in close fought contest

  • Olivia Hawkes and Georgia Gorham, managing directors of Cosmic from Oxford High School were one of the top teams in the HSBC Young Enterprise innovation awards 2011. Their game, Mission Earth, was taken up by a top toy manufacturer and ended up on the shelves nationwide.




  • Josh Fisher, managing director of Farr Safer from Farr High School, Scotland. Farr safer from the far north of Scotland marketed a tough safety device – a set of crampons for attaching to the feet in order to avoid toppling over in the frosty weather.




  • Aaron Callaghan, managing director of Generations from Wallace High School. This Northern Irish team created a music recording company that captured local talent. They groomed the artists, taped the singers and manufactured the discs.




  • Charly Peck, managing director of Again from Colchester County High School for Girls. gain’s product was the Treasure Chest, a portable safety pocket for women that ties discreetly to the inside of a bra cup, allowing essential items such as a door key, money, credit cards and taxi numbers to be stored safely on nights out and when exercising or travelling.




  • Noushien Khazeni Rad managing director of Heritage Foods from Chosen Hill School. This group created a stylish recipe book in a nostalgic style that impressed Kath Kidston, the High Street retailer, so much that she agreed to stock the publication.




  • What If from Sir Jonathan North Community College Leicestershire were runners up. What if were runners-up in the competition with a lovely children’s book featuring a hole in which parents could insert a photograph of the child reading the book. From left to right: Ella Joyce, Aliyah Maravia, Florence Slattery, Hannah Hamblett, Milly Bianchini.




  • Alex Heywarth of the company from Clitheroe Grammar School in Clitheroe. This group of eco-warriors developed a pack of environmentally friendly pampering toiletries that would buff the body while keeping the earth green.




  • James Victor, managing director of TwopointZero from Bayside School, Gibraltar. Their branded flash memory devices impressed the judges as both innovative and a commercial winner.




  • Versaleaf from Alleyne’s High School in the West Midlands. From left to right: Dominique Hibert, Katie Farley, Alison Norbury, Stuart Taylor, Jemimah Smith. They developed an attractive cloth carrier called Notthebag, based on Japanese folding traditions.




  • Cook It GB from Sir Thomas Picton School in Pembrokeshire. From left to right: John Stowell, William Lawrence, Sahar Khan, Connor Bashford, Jonathan Charles. The team was thrilled to reach the finals of the competition with the talented group believing the experience was one of the greatest things to have happened in their lives.




  • Summit from St Paul’s School in London were the winners of the HSBC Young Enterprise innovation awards 2011. From left to right: Sohrab Najle-Rahim, Hugo Murphy, Jai Kapoor, Aska Ross, Preye Crooks. The team went on to an extraordinary triumph, winning European Company of the Year in Oslo and being congratulated by the Queen.




  • Cos Beluk, managing director of TripznTipz from John Spence Community High School, North Tyneside. His company devised a package of inventive and entertaining in-flight games designed to keep young children occupied on holiday trips.


And the winners were Summit from St Paul’s School with their Perfume Pen. Team went on to triumph at the European Company of the Year Finals in Oslo, Norway the following month.

summit victory