Employability Masterclass

Empowering students to develop skills for work and life.


Target age group: 14 – 19
Key stage: 4 and 5
Group size: flexible; class or year group
Length: 3 – 6 hours

This is a practical Masterclass in preparing for the world of work. It helps students to consider the skills and personal qualities employers value and how to evidence these skills. Local employers and employees mentor the students during the Masterclass and share their own experiences as a recruiter and job hunter.
Through practical, hands-on activities the Masterclass explores themes such as personal branding, employability skills, evidencing skills using life experiences, CVs, covering letters, preparing for interview and high growth career sectors.
Students will be given access to the Young Enterprise STAR App which provides additional information, videos and an online resource for preparing for interviews.


What will students do?

  • Students will examine well-known logos to understand how individuals and companies build their reputation and create their brands. They will discover more about their own strengths and personal characteristics to define their own brands.
  • Students take part in a CV surgery where they learn top tips for putting together a compelling CV and covering letter. They will have the opportunity to gain feedback on existing CVs from local employer and employee mentors or start to create a CV under the guidance of the mentors.
  • Students observe role plays of interviews before creating and rehearsing a Personal Pitch. Students will have the opportunity to review local labour market intelligence and consider the sectors which are growing and offer the best potential for careers with a bright future.
  • Students will finish the programme by creating an action plan for their next steps with an understanding of the skills they need to reach their potential. There is the option to include an additional session on job hunting using LinkedIn.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Be aware of personal strengths and attributes
  • Recognise that personal brands built today will reflect on them in the future
  • Understand the skills and qualities that employers value
  • Use the STAR technique to evidence skills in CVs, Personal Statements and Interviews
  • Know how to build a compelling CV and covering letter
  • Create a Personal Pitch
  • Make informed choices about careers with a bright future
  • Know where to find more information and support

Supports the school curriculum in the following areas:

  • contributes evidence towards Ofsted judgments on personal development, behaviour and welfare by preparing students for the next stage of their education, training or employment
  • contributes as an integral part of a stable careers programme and providing evidence towards the Gatsby Benchmarks of Good Careers Guidance
  • encourages students to consider a broader and more ambitious range of education and career options
  • provides inspiration and raises aspirations through encounters with employers and employees
  • develops vital employability skills including: communication, confidence, organisation,

Supports the Welsh curriculum:

  • contributes to Estyn inspection judgementson outcomes and provision including learning experiences

View further information on how this programme supports good career guidance, employability and enterprise education.

“Students have picked up invaluable skills; this was a really valuable day for our students, especially getting to meet, talk to and get feedback from industry experts.” Teacher, St Thomas the Apostle College

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