Learn to Earn

Helping students make informed decisions about their future

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Target age group: 12 – 16
Key stage: 3, 4 and 5
Group size: flexible
Length: 5 – 6 hours

Learn to Earn empowers students to take ownership of their life choices, think about their career options and the qualifications they need to pursue them. Students take part in fun interactive challenges to build their dream lifestyle, budget for it, discuss their skills, set goals and plan their next steps to prepare them for life beyond education.

Through hands-on fun, practical activities, Learn to Earn explores themes such as career choices, personal skills and talents, recruitment and job interviews, salaries, earnings, tax and the costs of living, financial planning and budgeting.

Why choose this programme?

  • Empowers students to take ownership of their life choices and start preparing for the qualifications they need, which helps them become more capable financially
  • Students will learn to focus on their skills and talents and how they can be used to achieve their goals
  • Opens up a wider range of careers for students with the help of insights from business volunteers
  • Helps foster positive attitudes by engaging young people in activities that encourage cooperation and development of self-esteem

Key features:

  • Describe personal hopes for the future and set goals
  • Make informed decisions about career and lifestyle choices
  • Set SMART goals and plan steps to achieve these goals
  • Be aware of what skills are required for list and work
  • Recognise and compare cost of living expenses and salaries to create and balance an annual budget
  • Board game to illustrate the relationship between education and achieving personal goals
  • Role-play interview to explore the qualities, skills, qualifications and experience that employers look for in potential employees

Supports the school curriculum in the following areas:

  • Supports schools to deliver Careers Guidance and Inspiration in Schools
  • Supports the Gatsby Benchmarks of Good Careers Guidance
  • Contributes to Ofsted judgements on the effectiveness of leadership, management, personal development and welfare
  • Enterprise
  • Employer engagement
  • PSHE
  • Economic wellbeing
  • Financial capability
  • Character education
  • Personal learning and thinking skills
  • Functional English and Maths

Supports the Welsh Curriculum:

  • Careers and the world of work
  • Personal and Social Education
  • Provides an introduction to the enterprise and employability challenge element of the Welsh Baccalaureate

View further information on how this programme supports good career guidance, employability and enterprise education.

“I wish someone had explained to me at this age what learning and education was all about. You can actually see the penny dropping with some of the students and it’s fantastic to know that you helped to make it happen.”
Bill Harvey, Business Adviser, Staffordshire

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