Small Business Challenge

Get to the heart of how business works


Target age group: 11 – 18
Key stage: 3, 4 and 5
Group size: flexible
Length: 5 – 6 hours

From consultants to IT specialists, hair salons to painters this programme will help students consider the types of roles in small companies and provide an insight into how business works. This fast paced, activity-based Masterclass will provide an introduction to employability skills and identify skills students already possess as well as those they need support to develop.

During the day they develop a small business idea, considering a range of business decisions before pitching to a would-be investor.

Teamwork is key to this programme and students will develop their understanding of how different personalities work together in a business before putting this into practice in a team business challenge.

Sessions are brought to life by local business volunteers who share their experiences of working in industries and outline how different employability skills are utilised in a range of employment situations.

Why choose this programme?

  • Students will gain an understanding of how small businesses are structured and the different roles and career opportunities that exist
  • Students will gain an understanding of the skills employers are looking for and the ability to identify their own employability skills
  • Ability to recognise personality types, strengths and weaknesses and what this means for personal development and for working as part of a team
  • Understanding of how to use information to plan and present information to audiences
  • Insight into the careers of local volunteer employees and the skills which are valued in the workplace

Key features:

  • Activity to choose a business name, logo and strapline
  • Deciding on a product or service specification and how to market the product
  • Pitching in front of judges to win an award

Supports the school curriculum in the following areas:

  • Contributes to a stable careers programme. It provides inspiration and raises aspirations through encounters with employers and employees
  • Contributes as an integral part of a whole school/college stable careers programme
  • Utilises Young Enterprise’s large established network of volunteers from a range of industries. YE volunteers are trained to work with young people and support the delivery of our programmes
  • Provides young people with an opportunity to understand, develop and apply employability skills that are highly valued by employers and further learning providers
  • Provides an opportunity to explore a range of career opportunities
  • Helps develop vital employability skills including communication, confidence, financial capability, organisation, initiative, problem solving, teamwork

Supports the Welsh curriculum:

  • Supports the PSE framework, in particular through developing communication, mathematics, careers and the world of work

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