Welcome to the Company Programme Pre-Registration Platform

Young Enterprise’s online resource for new and experienced Business Advisers and Centre Leads.

The purpose of this platform is to provide you with the background information, assets and understanding of Company Programme that you need to know before you start the student company registration process, or hold your first student meeting.

We have developed this platform to help Business Advisers and Centre Leads get started with Company Programme.

How to use the Pre-Registration platform:

This site is to be used as a point of reference and information before Centre Lead’s register student companies and get access to YE Online.

YE Online is the secure platform through which Company Programme is delivered – we strongly advise that registration of teams is completed as soon as possible so that BA’s, CL’s and students can access the full suite of information and interactive function that is provided on YE Online.

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Registering Teams for Company Programme:

It is the responsibility of the Centre Lead to register teams on YE Online.

Register for Company Programme hereRegistration opens on 3rd September

What you’ll find on this site:

86% of teachers agreed Company Programme raised young people’s career aspiration in understanding what various roles entail in terms of responsibilities

92% of teachers agreed that young people who participated in Company Programme had increased self-awareness of what they are capable of and their potential for the future world of work

93% of volunteer business advisers agreeing
that Company Programme has increased resilience in their young people
Young Enterprise is definitely a worthwhile experience for pupils. Our school is located in a deprived area and pupils gained confidence in themselves as they progressed through the year.Teacher