Thank you for agreeing to be a Business Adviser

This section is a key starting point for you as you start to support students on their Company Programme journey

The information is relevant to new Business Advisers (BAs) seeking to know more about the Programme, key milestones, and their role, as well as experienced BAs who will find this a helpful refresher of key points, a basic reference guide and an introduction to the resources available for them.

A full set of the resources found on this website and much more information will be available on YE Online, so it is strongly advised that the Centre Lead completes the registration process as soon as possible to provide you with access to these assets.

The CL will need your Volunteer Registration number in order to complete the registration for Company Programme, so please make sure that you have completed all of the required Safeguarding Training and supplied them with your number as soon as you can.

Essential Business Adviser Information

It’s very important to us that volunteer Business Advisers receive a full induction in to Company Programme, and the information you need to succeed in your role.

The information in this section of the Pre-Registration website is aimed at providing you with an effective induction, so we recommend you review the following pages:

We also advise that you carefully review the Milestone Map as this will form the basis of your experience of Company Programme.

Additional Information and Guidance

In addition to this website and YE Online, your regional YE Managers and Local Volunteer Boards are there to support you. Local Boards are made up of volunteers from local businesses, educational establishments and public sector.

Local Volunteer Boards often run induction events at the beginning of the academic year to help orientate new BAs and CLs and to provide important Programme and calendar updates to more experienced CLs and BAs.

You can contact your local YE Manager for assistance – contact details are available on

What previous BA’s say about taking part in Company Programme