Some top tips for being an effective Business Adviser

This advice has been drawn from the experiences of a number of BAs from a variety of business backgrounds.

These tips are intended as helpful guidance, and not a strict ruleset. Do not think you should tick off each point in the first few weeks!

These tips can be used as a general set of aims for the first few weeks of Company Programme, until you find your own preferred style; one that works for the students as well as you.

Different environments require different aspects of the BA role. Some teams may require a lot of help and structure at the start, but then just need light steering thereafter. Some may struggle most with basic teamwork or meeting effectiveness and so require more focused help in these areas, whilst others may need coaching in sales techniques or talking confidently to potential suppliers.

We encourage experienced Business Advisers to read through these points at the start of the academic year as you may wish decide to modify your approach from previous years. For example, you may want to adopt a less ‘interventionist ‘ style and more of a ‘questioning’ one, or you may want to work in a more obvious coaching style (perhaps as a personal development goal).

We ask that all Business Advisers watch the videos on facilitating experiential learning so that you can help the young people taking part get the most out of this learning opportunity.

> Encouraging the right environment and behaviours
> Facilitating the development of the team
> Being a good role model and adopting the right style
> Communicating effectively
> Imparting useful knowledge
> Providing feedback and motivation