Registering your student companies

As Centre Lead it is your responsibility to register your student teams for Company Programme.

Only once you have completed the registration will you, your students and your BA be given access to YE Online, the dedicated online platform for Company Programme.

The exact date for 2018 registration has yet to be confirmed but will be posted on this site as soon as it is known. 

Registering on YE Online sets up the essential insurance for each student company; companies must not trade until this insurance cover is in place for them.

Details you’ll need to complete the registration

In order to be able to complete your registration on YE Online you will need the following information:

Information you will need Specific details Why you need this information
Centre name Your school, college or institution name You’ll need to ensure you enter your school, college or institution name accurately
Your email address Your personal school / college / institution email address This will be the email address that we use to send you login details for YE Online, as well as the full set of login details for students
Business Adviser’s details You’ll need to have the following information:

  • Business Advisers name
  • Business Advisers email address
  • Business Advisers company name
You must have at least one named Business Adviser to support your students.
Business Adviser’s VR number This should have been provided either by the local volunteer board or Young Enterprise Area Manager

If you have completed CP before you may be working with the same Business Adviser, and already have the VR number.

All BA’s must be registered Young Enterprise Volunteers; as a registered YE Volunteer they will have completed specific safeguarding and volunteering training. This training is valid for two years.

Once a BA has completed the YE training they will receive a unique Volunteer Reference number that you will need to add during the registration process.

Student teams You’ll need to know the teams that want to take part so that you can set them up as companies. You will not need to know the names of each student company as the team will discuss what they should be called in Meeting One. Once they have decided this, they will need to log in to YE Online and add the name they’ve chosen.
Student details You’ll need to have the following information:

  • student name
  • student date of birth
  • student’s email (not mandatory)
  • year of study
  • ethnicity
Within the registration process it is optional for the students to provide an email address.

However, if they do so they will automatically receive their login details for YE Online. Each student must provide a unique email address and not use the CL or BA’s email.

Data Protection

Any personal information you give us will be processed in accordance with the UK Data Protection Act 1998.

We will use the information to process your registration and to provide any relevant further information about the programme. The information will be kept securely, and will be kept no longer than necessary. The information will not be disclosed to any third party organisation.

Registration Fee payment

Each student company pays a registration fee to cover the cost of their student company insurance and contribute towards the running costs of the Programme. This is paid for through the initial selling of shares by the student company.