Getting ready to support a Young Enterprise student company

The following information should be used as you get prepare to be a Centre Lead

Regardless of whether you are taking part in Company Programme for the first time, or if you are a seasoned Centre Lead, we strongly advise that you review the information on this page before you start.

Your essential preparation

Ensure that you have reviewed the following information:

Meet the volunteer Business Adviser

It’s important that you meet with the Business Adviser to discuss the following points, before the first student meeting:

  • Establish a good working relationship and develop an understand each other’s work background, YE experience and Company Programme expectations
  • Discuss the practicalities of running the programme together
  • Exchange contact details and confirm the preferred method of communication
  • Discuss key term dates and a meetings schedule
  • Ensure that the BA has received their log in details for YE Online and that they have accessed the information on the Company Programme platform
  • Brief them regarding the age and make-up of the student group, including any specific student needs
  • Brief them on relevant school/college policies e.g. Health and Safety or Safeguarding requirements
  • Review the Milestones Map together and discuss any areas of concern
  • Confirm the date, time and location for the first student company meeting
  • Review the Meeting One Agenda template and agree the specific agenda items for the first meeting. It’s important to note the following:
    • The Business Adviser will act as the Chairperson for the first few meetings, prior to the appointment of a Managing Director (MD)
    • Agree who will lead for each of the agenda items during the meeting
    • Decide who will update the template meeting agenda
    • Decide who will bring copies of the agenda to the meeting (one per attendee)
    • It is not expected that you will complete all of the agenda items within just one meeting; you may choose to split the content over several meetings

Plan for student company meeting one

  • Ensure that you have completed the registration for Company Programme on YE Online
  • Ensure that you have received the student login details for YE Online:
    • if your students have provided their own emails they will also have received a copy of their own login details directly to their inbox
    • if any students have decided not to use their own email address you will need to pass on their login details that we emailed to you
  • Set up the room for the meeting:
    • Lay out the furniture in the room into a boardroom style (one large table or circle of chairs)
    • Ensure IT access is available to view YE Online
    • Print a blank minutes template to use during the meeting
    • Review YE Online, in particular the resources and information for Milestone One of the programme

Complete your Pre-Evaluation questionnaire

  • Log in to YE Online and complete the Pre-Evaluation that rates your expectations for student’s skills development and future aspirations at the beginning of the programme.
  • The same questions are then asked at the end of the programme to establish to what extent the experience met these expectations.
  • Your survey is used to consolidate and cross-reference the data obtained from the students.