Recruiting students for Company Programme

Students taking part in Company Programme need to be aged 15-19 years during the academic year they are taking part.

The Programme works best when:

  • students volunteer to take part in the Programme and recognise that a high level of personal commitment and responsibility is required to get the most out of this opportunity
  • the students are empowered to take the lead; they have good guidance but it is their student company and they make all the key decisions
  • a dedicated CL, who helps with organisation, gives encouragement and links their experience to students’ other learning and/or qualifications
  • trained and committed BAs, who lead the students’ learning, provide new role models and build a bridge to the real world of work

Students should only participate in the Programme once throughout their school/ college lifetime. Individual students or student companies found to be participating for a second year will not be allowed to take part in the Showcase events or the competition.

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> Recruiting students for Company Programme