An introduction to your role and responsibilities

Your role is crucial in ensuring students get the most out of their experience of Company Programme.

It is the Business Adviser (BA) who facilitates the Programme and your role is to support and work collaboratively with the BA.

Key elements of your role will include:

  • Promoting the uptake of Company Programme by recruiting students
  • Registering the students’ company
  • Supporting students on their journey
  • Supporting the administration of the Programme
  • Supporting Business Advisers


You do not need to have business or economics training to carry out your role, or even detailed knowledge of business. You simply need a desire to support a group of young people as they take on the challenge of running their own student business.

There is rarely a right or wrong answer in business and students should be allowed to make their own decisions, and therefore a few poor ones. The structure and nature of the Programme allows them to ‘fail’ which is a key part of learning by doing. This may work against some of your natural tendencies as a teacher, but the collective experience of learning from mistakes (or sub-optimal decisions) is one of the most powerful and rewarding aspects of the Programme.


A facility on YE Online exists to allow CLs and BAs to record their activities and time spent supporting the students throughout the year.

At the end of the Programme you will be able to download a certificate of recognition detailing your contributions together with the progression that your students made against the eight key skills competencies. This highlights their contribution towards the students’ achievements. Some CLs find it helpful to share this with their line manager at performance management reviews.