Building a student company with Young Enterprise Company Programme

More than 1 million young people have run a student company for a year with Young Enterprise.

Students learn the fundamentals of enterprise – understanding customers, selling and marketing products, making difficult decisions, working as a team, taking and sharing responsibility. Most importantly they will learn by doing. Enjoying real successes and overcoming real setbacks will make for a truly valuable experience.

Supporting curriculum

Company Programme supports schools and colleges in the following ways:

  • To meet their statutory duties to deliver, independent career guidance and provide evidence against the Gatsby Benchmarks
  • Contributing to a stable careers programme. It provides inspiration and raises aspirations through encounters with employers and employees
  • Prepare young people for the world of work by developing vital career, employability and life skills including: communication, confidence, financial capability, organisation, initiative, problem solving, resilience and teamwork
  • Improve attainment and progression by contributing positively to destination measures
  • Provide an opportunity to explore a range of career opportunities and / or by expanding the student and school / college’s network
  • Create opportunities for meaningful experiences of the workplace
  • Provide a real life context to support business studies and applied business awards
  • Contribute to post-16 study programmes
  • Utilise Young Enterprise’s large established network of volunteers from a range of industries
  • Meet evidencing requirements for the Skills section of the Duke of Edinburgh Awards