Student companies at trade fairs

Trade Fairs provide the opportunity for student companies to promote and sell their products directly to members of the public in a fun, collaborative environment.

Not only do they provide a valuable sales opportunity but also the chance to develop confidence, communication and selling skills.

Often, Trade Fairs are hosted or supported by local partner organisations of YE and are scheduled around calendar events such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mothers’ Day, etc. They generally last all day and each student company participating has a small display stand to decorate and staff for the duration of the Fair.

What if student companies aren’t ready to sell?

Most companies take advantage of the opportunity to attend Trade Fairs and sell directly to customers, however, some do not feel that the public nature of the fair is right for their product, or are not ready to sell their product when the fair takes place.

In this situation, encouraging student companies to engage with the event as a way to carry out market research for their product or idea, or take pre-orders for their product, is a great way of ensuring students don’t miss out on this impactful experience.

Whether the students attend Trade Fairs or not, it’s important that they are encouraged to use a variety of other channels to sell the product or service, to give them as broad a sales experience as possible.