What is YE Online?

YE Online is the secure platform that is used to deliver Company Programme

YE Online is an essential resource which is central to ensuring that participants receive a fully comprehensive experience of running a student company through Company Programme.

The platform is a secure, password-protected website, which provides you and your students with step-by-step guidance on getting the most out of the Programme.

You should ensure that your students are aware of the platform’s features and content during the first meeting and strongly encourage its use. It’s also a good idea to try and make sure that there is a computer and projector (or screen big enough for all to see) at each meeting, so that the student company can access YE Online and take advantage of the guidance and resources provided.

Accessing YE Online

You can access YE Online by going to https://yeonline.y-e.org.uk/

It’s the responsibility of the Centre Lead to register the student company on YE Online. Once registration has been completed, students, BA’s and CL’s will receive personal login details which will give them access to to the platform.

BA and CL Toolkit

Additional resource support

In order to better support you in your role Centre Leads and Business Advisers have dedicated areas of the platform, in which you will find more extensive resources and materials.

The platform also supports students by providing:

  • tools to assist with running their student company,
  • variety of resources and materials,
  • finance management package,
  • capacity to upload documents (eg, meeting minutes),
  • details of trade fairs/events and how to register for them, as well as
  • full details of the Company of the Year Competition.