Welcome to Young Enterprise in the South East

A region with more business start-ups and investment in services than anywhere else in the UK.

We have a dynamic, professional and committed staff team of Young Enterprise Managers based in every county in the South East of England. They manage the delivery of our educational programmes in hundreds of schools, colleges and universities across the region to empower young people with the confidence, ability and ambition to succeed.

Our work is supported by 20 local voluntary bodies across the region. They represent local business people and teachers, raise funds, recruit volunteers and run events such as trade fairs , training sessions and the Company Programme area and county finals.

In 2015-16 more than 14,000 young people took part in our programmes in the South East region from 230 education centres with more than 500 volunteers helping to guide and inspire them.

Don’t hesitate to contact us, if you want to get involved as:

  • A young person part or full-time education who wants to take part in one of our programmes
  • A teacher or tutor looking for high quality enterprise education programmes and events
  • Interested in volunteering your time and sharing your experience of work and business
  • A Company that would like to support our work
  • A past Young Enterprise participant who would like to join our Alumni programme

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Contact Young Enterprise in the South East:

Bracey Parish
Regional Manager

07814 523 534


Trudie Hartridge
Area Manager, East Kent

0770 288 7997


Vanessa Johnson
Area Manager, West Kent

0783 460 6231


Lynne Skinner 
Area Manager, Surrey

0783 460 9336


Madeleine Mills 
Area Manager, East and West Sussex

0789 420 8910


Bracey Parish
Regional Manager, Hampshire and Isle of Wight

0781 452 3534