Our goal is to empower young people to discover, develop and celebrate their skills and potential. Your philanthrophy can have a huge impact on helping us to achieve this goal.

Working with Young Enterprise gives you the opportunity to directly support and inspire young people, empowering them with the confidence, ability and ambition to succeed.

Our approach is collaborative, and we will work with you to ensure that your donation is invested where it will make the most impact. Working together, we will also develop the project which interests you the most.


Ways to make a difference

Company Programme

Helping secondary school students create and run their own student company over the course of an academic year, learning key financial and business management skills.

More about Company Programme

Ready for Work Courses

Supporting those about to leave education with CV-writing and interview skills classes, or Learn to Earn our course which enables young people to understand their future career paths and earning potential

Our Employability Programmes

Personal Finance Support

Helping young people understand the importance of money management, salaries, savings and budgeting.


Our Financial Education Services

If you'd like to find out more about how you can support please contact our Director of Philanthropy

07918 562183

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