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Every year approximately 500,000 young people are able to develop their employability and financial education skills on our programmes. Below you can read their stories, along with the stories of the amazing teachers, volunteers and employers who donate their time, expertise and money to help.

Don H

Don H journey through the Fiver Challenge. Building boxes for Ukraining Refugees while building on his confidence and leadership skills.

Don had only recently started at his new school Newland House when he took on the challenge of joining their Entrepreneur Club doing the Fiver Challenge.
He was a really keen and committed team member with amazing ideas and a fantastic imagination. However, he was nervous to share these vocally with the rest of the group with confidence.
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Chantelle Cooper

Empowering Inclusive Education: Chantelle Cooper’s YE Alumna journey and the Impact of Young Enterprise at Chadsgrove School.

Chantelle Cooper, an alumna of YE’s Company Programme at North Bromsgrove High School, shares her inspiring journey from participating in Young Enterprise’s flagship entrepreneurial experience to becoming a dedicated teacher at Chadsgrove School, a special educational needs (SEN) setting. Her story not only highlights the transformative power of Young Enterprise but also showcases how inclusive education can thrive when given the opportunity.

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Lucy Cohen

Lucy’s journey started when she participated in Company Programme at school

In this story, Lucy explains how her Young Enterprise experience gave her a first taste of business and sparked an entrepreneurial passion which still drives her today. She values the critical skills she learned on Company Programme, which made her more employable.

Lucy started the business in 2006 with her best friend Sophie Hughes. Best friends since the age of 11, the pair have created a business with a £3million ARR and operates across the UK.

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Phil Batty OBE

Phil’s journey started when he participated in Company Programme at school in Hull.

In this story, Phil links his participation in Young Enterprise’s Company Programme to his current role as a leader in major event management. Phil’s experiences with Young Enterprise and the skills he gained from the programme have shaped his career path and his contributions to significant cultural and sporting events.

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Nicola Webb

Nicola’s journey started when she participated in Company Programme during her time at sixth form in Oldham in 2016.

In this story, Nicola explains the impact of programmes like Young Enterprise in developing skills beyond academic achievements. She emphasizes the importance of soft skills, such as teamwork, problem-solving, and effective communication, which are crucial in a professional setting.

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Jonathan Wheatley

Jonathan participated in Young Enterprise’s Company Programme in the sixth form at his secondary school in Halifax

In this story, Jonathan explains that he would not have been accepted onto his apprenticeship scheme if it wasn’t for Young Enterprise, and being able to talk about his experiences from Company Programme.

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Paul Jeffries

Paul participated in Young Enterprise’s Company Programme at Clifton College in Bristol.

In this story, Paul explains how Young Enterprise set him up for life as an entrepreneur. He is now a Young Enterprise Regional Ambassador, with over 25 years of experience in producing high-profile sports and entertainment events. He also co-founded Reach Next Generation, which hosts summits around the UK for 11–15-year-old girls to help them think about their future and how to deal with the pressures of being a teenage girl in today’s ever-changing world.

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Steph McGovern

Steph took part in Young Enterprise’s Company Programme at the age of 15 while at School in Teesside.

Steph explains that Young Enterprise taught her that with hard work, talent, grit and a bit of luck, anyone could rise to the top. “You look at the most successful entrepreneurs and they’re not necessarily the people who’ve had a privileged life. They’re often the people who’ve had hardship and learnt how to fight their way through it – and those are the skills that Young Enterprise gives you.”

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Joe Creese

Joe took part in Young Enterprise’s Company Programme at the age of 15 while at Hinckley School (then John Cleveland College) in Leicestershire.

In his story, he deleves into topics such as how he overcame his nerves, finding his direction, and channelling his enterprising mindset.


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Jo Maher

Jo took part in Young Enterprise’s Company Programme in 1999, when she was a Year 10 student at Wade Deacon High school in Widnes

In this story, CEO and Principal of Loughborough College, Jo Maher describes Young Enterprise as the ‘entrepreneurial skills Olympics’. Young Enterprise provides opportunities for young people to play to their strengths, but they’ve got to turn up on time, be competitive, perform under pressure, believe in themselves and work hard.

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Sufian Sadiq

Sufian took part in Young Enterprise’s Company Programme while at Challney High School for Boys

In this story, educator, philanthropist, and positive disruptor Sufian Sadiq describes his lightbulb moment with Young Enterprise, where he realised the value of ‘backing himself’ to achieve his goals against the odds.


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Mina Karshala

Mina took part in Young Enterprise’s Start-Up Programme at Loughborough College while undertaking a degree in Leadership and Management. 

In this story, Mina explains how the skills and new ways of thinking she learnt taking part in the Start-Up Programme now come into her work as founder of wedding stationery and home décor business Cutesy Place, corporate fundraiser for Teach First, and as a Young Enterprise Trustee.

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Bob Wilson

Bob took part in Company Programme when he was a student at Gillingham Grammar School

In this story, Bob reflects on the opportunities that taking part in the programme provided him with and how he has retained a link with Young Enterprise by supporting the next generation of young people.

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Divyesh took part in Company Programme while studying at Burleigh Community College in Leicestershire.

In this story, he reflects on the opportunities that taking part in the programme provided him with by enabling him to learn through real-world scenarios that helped him in his journey to become a senior data engineer and tech entrepreneur.

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Shriya took part in the Young Enterprise Company Programme at St Helen’s School, Northwood.

Her student company developed a multiple purpose drive and snack container ‘Sip’O’Snack’. The team went on to compete at the JA European Final.

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Jenny Knighting
Business Volunteer


Taking part in the Young Enterprise Company Programme helped Jack Davy Dupris become more confident, enthusiastic, and accomplish things he never thought he would. 

Jack has had to overcome more obstacles than most 16 year olds. Before starting Young Enterprise, a number of personal factors meant Jack rarely had the motivation to see things through or communicate with others.

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