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Every year over 315,000 young people are able to develop their employability and financial education skills on our programmes. Below you can read their stories, along with the stories of the amazing teachers, volunteers and employers who donate their time, expertise and money to help.


Shriya took part in the Young Enterprise Company Programme at St Helen’s School, Northwood.

Her student company developed a multiple purpose drive and snack container ‘Sip’O’Snack’. The team went on to compete at the JA European Final.

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Jenny Knighting
Business Volunteer


Taking part in the Young Enterprise Company Programme helped Jack Davy Dupris become more confident, enthusiastic, and accomplish things he never thought he would. 

Jack has had to overcome more obstacles than most 16 year olds. Before starting Young Enterprise, a number of personal factors meant Jack rarely had the motivation to see things through or communicate with others.

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