Enterprise Education

Young Enterprise programmes provide opportunities for young people to develop essential skills and attitudes which not only enrich their academic learning, but also provide a strong foundation for the future.

Enterprise Programmes

Our programmes provide practical ways for young people to get a taste of the world of work and the excitement of running a business.

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Enterprise Support and Training

We offer support and training to help you develop and deliver high quality enterprise education in your school.

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Enterprise education provides young people with the skillscompetencies and mindset to make the most ofeveryday opportunities and challengesBeing enterprising is something which can be applied to all aspects of life and work – identifying and initiating opportunities as well as adapting your response to situations.

In the age of a rapidly changing jobs market, young people need to be innovative, creative and adaptable.

Young Enterprise delivers practical, activity-based programmes in schools, colleges and universities across the UK – providing young people with the opportunity to develop key skills and make the connection between school and the world of work. Our programmes enrich academic learning and empowers young people to develop the confidence, ability and ambition they need to succeed.

Impact of Enterprise Education

Infographic 4,500,000+ students have participated in YE programmes over the last 55+ years
Infographic 39% of secondary schools we work with are in the 30% most deprived areas of England and Wales
Infographic 94% of YE Company Programme Alumni are EET compared to the 89% National Avergae

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