Grid For Good Programme

The GfG Programme inspires young people to discover opportunities within the energy sector at National Grid, empowering them to work on their employability skills and motivating them to apply for additional opportunities, such as: Career Coaching, Work placements & Apprenticeships within the sector.


  • Supports and engages 16-24 year olds facing multiple barriers to social mobility
  • Helps young people to explore career opportunities available across the energy sector and wider green economy
  • Develops young people’s employability skills that employers look for
  • Opens doors for career coaching, business tasters, apprenticeships, graduate programmes and possible work placements
  • Enables students to access further steps on the Grid for Good Pathway

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Outcomes of the Session

The theme of the Grid for Good Programme is about raising awareness of career opportunities within the energy sector, the National Grid recruitment process and the employability skills that employers are looking for.

It provides a great opportunity for 16-24 year olds facing multiple barriers to social mobility, to develop key skills. These include: Teamwork, STAR answers at interview, problem-solving, communication and profiling awareness. National Grid employees are available for support and advice throughout. The programme is excellent in raising future aspirations of young people to careers in the wider green economy, developing positive attitudes and provides increased access to additional opportunities within National Grid. Students will also receive a certificate of completion.

The UK is on a journey to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. The energy sector plays a vital part in helping the country to make this transformational change, but to deliver this ambition they need to build a NetZero Energy Workforce. They need young people with talent,the drive and the passion to help tackle climate change.

National Grid require young people with a diverse mix of skills, from scientists and engineers, to communications professionals and data specialists. The list is endless…

As part of Grid For Good’s commitment to overcoming barriers to social mobility, the programme operates with providers that score 1-5 on the Index of Multiple Deprivation.