We evaluate the impact of our programmes in order to measure young people’s progression across key employability competencies, as well as to improve the quality of our work.

Impact Report

Young Enterprise and Young Money are committed to using the insights from students, teachers and business volunteers in understanding how we can secure the greatest impact for all young people and expand our evidence base of what good enterprise and financial education looks like.

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Company Programme

Company Programme provides a solution which responds to young people’s demand for experiences that prepare them for life beyond statutory education. The experiential learning opportunity provides an introduction to the world of work and the opportunity to acquire transferable skills.

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Tenner Challenge

Tenner Challenge is an interactive team-based programme that aims to develop students’ key employability skills including creativity, resilience and problem solving. 82% of students who participated in the 2019 challenge say it gave them a better understanding of the world of work.

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Fiver Challenge

This report summarises the impact of Fiver on pupils’ key soft skill development in teamwork, communication and resilience as well as outlining the contribution to classroom learning. 98% of teachers reported that Numeracy and Financial Education were the main contributors.

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Understanding the views of young people and how they may be affected by the external context and trends in the economy, in policy and government, fluctuations in the labour market and changes to the way organisations operates is central to our work. We conduct wider research on key issues related to both Enterprise and Financial Education that are likely to impact the futures of young people

External Impact Reports

Impact of Teacher Training

As part of the What Works Fund, the Money and Pensions Service funded a project that aimed to ascertain to what extent training teachers to plan and deliver financial education impacts on the financial capability of the young people they teach.

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Team Programme

Conducted by the University of Derby International Centre for Guidance Studies (2016). The report highlights the positive impact Young Enterprise’s Team programme has on SEN young people’s knowledge, skills and attitudes.

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