Resources and Tools

If you are working to improve young people’s understanding of money, high quality resources are a great place to start. Below you will find tools and Quality Mark resources produced by us and the organisations we support that can be used by educators in formal and non-formal settings, parents/carers and children and young people themselves.

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Money Mapping

9 – 14 Quality Mark

Money Mapping is our exciting new resource for 9-12 year olds, developed alongside the Money and Pensions Service. Download now to access this resource in Welsh and English.

Money Heroes

3 – 11 Quality Mark

Money Heroes from Young Money, supported by HSBC UK, seeks to transform financial education for primary aged children, in school and at home. A range of high-quality resources, tools and guidance for parents and teachers, hosted on a bespoke online platform, ensures that children have the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills across the core themes from the Young Money Primary Financial Education Planning Framework.

Young Money Challenge Packs 2021

4 – 19 Quality Mark

This year’s theme is money management and health and wellbeing! Children and young people will be exploring how healthy choices can impact their bodies, minds and finances!


4 – 17 Quality Mark

Enable children ages 7+ to manage their own money with the Gimi app. Gimi provides both theoretical lessons and practical exercises in personal finance, educating the user about money in an easy and fun way.

Understanding Coins

3 – 5 Quality Mark

Do you want to teach the value of money to children aged 3-5? Develop their financial literacy early with Understanding Coins, an exciting free game developed by Lloyds Bank.

Your Money Matters – Northern Ireland Edition

14 – 16 Quality Mark

Your Money Matters (Northern Ireland Edition) has been designed for use with young people age 14 - 16 in Northern Ireland and covers topics including spending and saving, borrowing, debt, insurance, student finance & future planning.


9 – 11 Quality Mark

Vault teaches nine to 11-year-olds how to make smart financial decisions and the basics of budgeting. Pupils learn how to distinguish between their needs and wants, are taught what a payslip looks like and how interest can make our savings grow.

Financial Education Planning Frameworks – Welsh Language

3 – 19

The Planning Frameworks aim to support the planning, teaching, and progression of financial education by setting out the key areas of financial knowledge, skills and attitudes, across core themes for ages 3 - 11 and 11 - 19.

Financial Skills

5 – 16+ Quality Mark

This resource covers essential knowledge, skills and attitudes for making sensible decisions about money; it encourages children and young adults to be thoughtful, confident and positive when looking after their finances.  Equipping participants with the skills they need to have healthy relationships with money and to enable them to make the right financial decisions for them. This resource is a well-organised and effective collection of sessions which cover the key financial issues related to students embarking on independent living. The activities encourage students to assess their own level of competence and uses case studies to develop their skills of budgeting and money management.