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If you are working to improve young people’s understanding of money, high quality resources are a great place to start. Below you will find tools and Quality Mark resources produced by us and the organisations we support that can be used by educators in formal and non-formal settings, parents/carers and children and young people themselves.

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My Money Matters

13 – 19 Quality Mark

Our online courses are designed to support young people to develop the vital skills they need to get into employment, earn and look after their money. Suitable for learners aged 13-19, each course is structured around a series of units, providing young people with multiple opportunities to learn, do and review. Based on the Your Money Matters textbook, over 6 online units, My Money Matters provides students with the opportunity to explore their own attitudes to money and gain key financial skills to help them in the real world.

Future Skills

16 – 18 Quality Mark

Young Enterprise has partnered with digital investment firm, Wealthify, to create Future Skills: a fun teaching resource designed to help educators teach 16 to 18-year-olds about the basics of money.

A Practical Guide to Reviewing Financial Education for Primary School Leaders & Teachers

3 – 11

Young Enterprise’s Practical Guide to Reviewing Financial Education for Primary School Leaders is a tool designed to help primary school leaders and teachers looking to embed financial education in the classroom.

My Money Week 2023

4 – 19 Quality Mark

This year's My Money Week resources explore the theme of Mind Over Money. Across the UK, children will be exploring risk and reward and learning how to make informed choices, manage their emotions, and how to ask for help and source advice when it comes to money matters. There is one set of resources each for primary and secondary phases, and each set includes a teacher’s guide, a home learning guide, 2 lesson plans (one for KS1, KS2, KS3 and KS4) and 4 activities that can be adapted to your setting. This year we have also created 2 community pinboards on Padlet where your students can share their answers to money questions related to the theme and see how other My Money Week schools across the country have answered.

Money Minds

5 – 19 Quality Mark

Yorkshire Building Society’s Money Minds financial education programme provides free lesson plans for teachers for 7–19-year-olds and online self-learning modules for students aged 11-19 to help teach the next generation about money and help them develop their employability skills.

Financial Skills

5 – 16+ Quality Mark

Lloyds Bank Academy resources cover essential knowledge, skills, and attitudes for making sensible decisions about money; it encourages children and young adults to be thoughtful, confident, and positive when looking after their finances. Equipping participants with the skills they need to have healthy relationships with money and to enable them to make the right financial decisions for them. These resources are a well-organised and effective collection of sessions which cover the key financial issues related to students embarking on independent living. The activities encourage students to assess their own level of competence and uses case studies to develop their skills of budgeting and money management.

Young Money Challenge Packs 2022

4 – 19 Quality Mark

The 2022 theme is money management and inclusion! Children and young people can explore the importance of helping others to make wise choices about how to use and protect their money.

Money Guides for Children

5 – 18 Quality Mark

Family Building Society’s series of money guides for children are designed to help children aged 5 to 18 build knowledge, skills and confidence to manage their finances well.


14 – 18 Quality Mark

Aspire provides young people with a wider understanding of how the economy works, equipping them with important life skills. They will learn about how to make smart financial decisions on how they make, save and invest money. The course will inspire them to consider options they may not have been aware of, take control of their futures and achieve their goals.