Stop Loan Sharks: Lessons About Keeping Your Money Safe

Produced by Illegal Money Lending Team, Trading Standards

Minimum Age: 5
Maximum Age: 11

A resource centred on the activities of people who lend money illegally, applying a wider framework of personal finance education dealing with the general topics of staying safe, credit and debt and budgeting.

For primary schools, the resource includes lessons about keeping your money safe, where does money come from and the difference between need and want.  It also introduces the idea of saving and looks at issues around borrowing and lending possessions and money.  There is an engaging cartoon, teacher guidance and class activity sheets in the pack.

The Illegal Money Lending Team have evidenced that using loan sharks is cyclical in families; if children can be educated about the dangers of loan sharks, and provide them with better money management skills, the devastation they cause to families and communities can be stopped.