The Quality Mark is designed to give educators confidence that the financial education materials they are using are of the highest educational value, contain accurate and up-to-date information and are engaging and relevant for young people.

The stamp of approval for financial education resources.


Whether you are a teacher, parent, carer, volunteer or anyone else working to improve young people’s understanding of money, you need to know the resources you are using are up to the job.

As the UK’s only widely-recognised accreditation system for financial education resources, the Quality Mark plays a crucial role in supporting high quality teaching and learning about money across the UK.

The Quality Mark is only awarded to financial education resources that meet seven essential criteria.  To be awarded the Quality Mark, a resource must: 

  1. Have been developed in consultation with a teacher or educationalist and tested with young people in the target group 
  2. Have a dedicated theory of change and evaluation plan –  see below for more info
  3. Have a principal focus on financial education 
  4. Include opportunities for structured learning 
  5. Be engaging and relevant for young people 
  6. Be clearly written and easy to use 
  7. Contain accurate, up to date information and be free of branding 

A dedicated Theory of Change and evaluation plan
As part of the Quality Mark service you will be offered the services of an evaluation consultant to support you to produce a Theory of Change and evaluation plan for your resource.  Should you feel that you can produce these tools independently with some light touch support, please download our Self-Help Evaluation Guide.

For further information about the seven essential criteria, read our Quality Mark Resource Producers Guide.


Fee: from £1500

Charitable fee: from £750

Bursaries for the full cost are also available for non-profit organisations.  If you are a non-profit with a resource, or plans to develop one which you think could be eligible to receive the Quality Mark, then please check out our bursary application form!

Download our Quality Mark Resource Producers Guide

Download our Self-Help Evaluation Guide

All resources listed on our resource hub have achieved the Financial Education Quality Mark. 




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