Island Saver- Parent Guides

Produced by Natwest

Minimum Age: 8
Maximum Age: 12

The Island Saver game is a fantastic tool for engaging young people with financial topics in an exciting and innovative manner. This involves discovering various ‘bankimals’ (piggy-bank-themed animals) and helping them with tasks and challenges, the rewards of which can be spent or saved. The parent guides provide opportunities for parents to engage with their children within the context of the game and bolster their learning.

It brings money matters to life with fun challenges and plenty of up to date knowledge around themes like saving, borrowing, making spending choices, taxes, bank accounts, exchanging currency, staying safe online and helping others. Through playing the game young people meet a variety of interesting characters including the money wise parrot, Kiwi, who guides them through the islands and the various ‘bankimals’. The parental support resources would be best used in conjunction with Island Saver but could potentially be used as stand-alone activities in the home.

The Island Saver game can be downloaded via IOS, Android, Steam, PlayStation, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.