Produced by Young Enterprise supported by Aviva Foundation

Minimum Age: 16
Maximum Age: 18

Access to the Raise Web App here – Teacher Support Guides can be accessed through the download button above.

The Raise Web App and Teacher Support Guides are designed to take students on a virtual journey spanning the next forty years of their lives. Along this journey, students will be shown how saving and investing long-term could help them achieve a better and more secure financial future. They have goals to achieve, financial decisions to make, and scenarios to explore.

The foundations for the creation of this resource is to improve the confidence of young people, between ages 16 and 18, surrounding money and making key financial decisions thereby improving their financial capability. The Teacher Support Guides look at ‘Investing’, ‘Saving’ and ‘Values’ which explore saving strategies (including Savings Accounts), making financial decisions and values of money.

The resources also include a ‘Child Trust Fund Guide’ as young people who were born in the UK from 1st September 2002 (up to 2nd January 2011) most likely qualified for a Child Trust Fund which they can access at 18. This gives them opportunity to save and invest into their futures so check the guide for more information on this.

Raise is completely interactive, gamified and has elements of simulation. The Web App game can be played individually or as a small group where they can consult and discuss the possible outcomes of their decisions. As they understand the consequences, they have the opportunity to revisit their choices to see if these produce a different outcome. Teachers can support using the guides and monitor the students’ development in this game by using it as a tool for learning.




Example of the Web App gameplay