Children aged 5-11 have four weeks to research, create, plan and run their own business with a £5 pledge. A highly interactive and fun programme introducing enterprise and financial education and enhancing key skills, including creativity, problem solving, teamwork and confidence.

In 2024, the Fiver Challenge will take place from 3rd – 28th June.


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About Fiver

The Fiver Challenge is designed to run across four weeks and offers an excellent introduction to enterprise and the world of work, with opportunity to enter multiple competitions along the way, win prizes and feature in our Fiver Showcase.

The learning doesn’t stop there, the Fiver resources and DIY project can be delivered flexibly, across the academic year, providing your pupils with a fun way to step into enterprise education and prepare them for next year’s challenge.

Fiver is an excellent way to introduce young people to ideas about work while developing subject relevant skills through practical learning. In 2021, 25,926 young people participated in Fiver in England and Wales.

*Resources also available in Welsh.

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Learning outcomes:

  • Insight into how businesses are structured and the different roles and career opportunities that exist
  • Understand how businesses can act as social enterprises and give back to the community
  • Experience the benefits of working as a team – recognising and using skills of other team members
  • Develop an enterprising mindset, and skills for the future
  • Gain self-awareness to recognise personal strengths and preferences, and how this can be demonstrated to future employers
  • Develop an understanding of how to manage finances in a real life context