The Fiver Challenge will take place from the 6th June to the 1st of July in 2022. Young people aged 5-11 are pledged £5 and have one month to set up a mini student business and create a product or service. The programme provides a highly interactive and fun way of introducing enterprise and financial education and key skills developed include problem solving, confidence, creativity and

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The Fiver Challenge

The Fiver Challenge is designed to run across four weeks and offers an excellent introduction to enterprise and the world of work.

The Challenge is an excellent way to introduce young children to ideas about the work they might do in future, to help raise aspirations, and develop positive attitudes to work from an early age. Since 2020 over 64,000 pupils have participated in the Fiver Challenge across the UK.

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Learning outcomes:

  • Insight into how businesses are structured and the different roles and career opportunities that exist
  • Understand how businesses can act as social enterprises and give back to the community
  • Experience the benefits of working as a team – recognising and using skills of other team members
  • Develop an enterprising mindset, and skills for the future
  • Gain self-awareness to recognise personal strengths and preferences, and how this can be demonstrated to future employers
  • Develop an understanding of how to manage finances in a real life context

Last Year’s Showcase

Last year’s Fiver showcase displayed the winners and runners up from the 2020 Fiver challenge. This year was a little bit different as Fiver changed the challenge to make it “Fiver from home”.

Russell Winnard – Director of Programmes and Services, runs through the innovative ideas from the narrowed down list of participants out of the 38,500 young people who took part in the challenge. This includes the fantastic entries from those selected by the judges, as well as a special appearance from ex Fiver winner and Young Enterprise board member Carl Reader