The Fiver Challenge provides a highly interactive, fun way of introducing financial literacy, resilience and teamwork to primary school pupils. Pupils are pledged £5 and have one month to set up a mini student business and create a product or service

Fiver Challenge is designed to run across four weeks and offers an excellent introduction to enterprise and the world of work. It provides a great opportunity for pupils to develop key skills including teamwork, managing money and communication skills.

The Challenge is an excellent way to introduce young children to ideas about the work they might do in future, to help raise aspirations, and develop positive attitudes about work from an early age.

In 2017/18 almost 50,000 pupils participated in the Fiver Challenge across the UK

More about Fiver Challenge

The Challenge is available to every young person aged 5 -11 years, offering equality across all abilities, as an opportunity to help raise pupil’s aspirations and develop positive attitudes to work at an early age.

Easy to access online teaching and pupil resources are available to plan and run the challenge successfully. Weekly and national competitions, keep everyone on track from starting the challenge to selling to the public.

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