YE Learning Zone

The YE Learning Zone is home to our online courses for students, including Route to Success, Employable Me and our financial education course, My Money Matters. These programmes allow students to work independently, and remotely if necessary, and are designed to develop the vital skills young people need to earn and look after their money. The Learning Zone also hosts our teacher-led Innovation Studios programme, which provides students (aged 13-18) with an engaging and meaningful workshop in business practice and challenge solving.

Student-Led Courses and Programmes

My Money Matters

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Route to Success

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Employable Me

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Teacher-Led Programme

Innovation Studios is a teacher-delivered programme which provides students (aged 13-18) with an engaging and meaningful masterclass in business practice and challenge-solving. It is mapped to the SkillsBuilder framework practising all 8 skills across the workshop.

We’ve teamed up with a company, who have shared a real-life business challenge.

Your students will act as advisors to the company, helping them decide how best to approach this challenge. They will work through a series of tasks, taken from real-life business practice, to help them devise a solution.

These include:

  • Mind-mapping
  • Creative thinking exercises
  • SWOT analysis
  • Contingency planning
  • Pitching their solution to the class

Teachers can deliver the workshop as an off-curriculum day, five one-hour sessions, or twelve smaller tasks.

In 2023 Innovation Studios was accredited with Impact Level 4. Following this course, students will have gained insight into how businesses approach complex problems and will have practised their skills in leadership, teamwork, creativity, problem-solving, aiming high, staying positive, speaking and listening.

Each task is introduced by a short video explaining what students have to do and accompanied by a task brief to guide your students through the challenge and emphasise the skills they should be focusing on.

Access to Innovation Studios costs £195 per school license. Regional funding in some areas of England and Wales allows us to offer a free school license to some schools.

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