If you’re looking for information and tips on how to help young people develop the vital skills and enterprising mindset needed to earn and look after their money, contact our Advisory Service. We’re experts in all things relating to financial education, enterprise and employability and best of all, our service is completely free.


Free advice on teaching young people about earning and looking after their money.

What advice and support does the Advisory Service offer?

We can offer advice on almost anything relating to financial education, enterprise and employability including:

  • Support for teachers new to these areas of learning
  • Help with specific curriculum planning requests
  • Advice on Quality Mark resources and activities for schools
  • Signposting to financial and enterprise education programmes
  • Support to further education colleges
  • Information on how to get the most from your financial education textbook: Your Money Matters
  • Information on relevant qualifications

Why should I get in touch with the Advisory Service?

Our staff are all education specialists and can advise on curriculum planning, resources and techniques. Our expertise covers primary and secondary schools, as well as specialist subjects, special education needs and non-formal settings.

We also offer advice on assessment and impact, and thanks to the generous support of St. James’s Place we have recently launched a Practical Guide for Primary School Leaders and Teachers designed to help primary school leaders and teachers looking to embed financial education in the classroom.

“I am so, so grateful to you for all this information, and the time it must have taken you to put it together. Thank you. It is so helpful and gives me some fantastic leads to follow, websites to research, great advice and most importantly some positive encouragement!”


How can I get free advice and support? 

Email or call to discuss what you want to achieve, or need help with. We aim to reply to emails within two working days.



+44 20 4526 6389‬

Contact the Advisory Service

020 4526 6389