UK Company Final Awards 2019

Young Entrepreneurs from Pipers Corner School in Buckinghamshire were crowned Young Enterprise Company of the Year at the National Final, supported by HSBC UK. The team will now go on to represent the UK in Lille, France at the European final with President Macron in attendance.

The final, held at County Hall, London on 18th June, celebrated the top 14 student companies set up and run over one academic year as part of the Young Enterprise Company Programme.

Young Enterprise is a national charity which works to equip young people with the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to succeed in the changing world of work. This year, students across the country have set up almost 1,000 companies, making all the decisions about their business, from deciding the company name and product, to creating a business plan, managing their finances and selling their products.

The winning team, Bathe have created and sold bath infusion tea bags inspired by influential women. The judges were highly impressed with the team’s product made using sustainable materials only.

“Young Enterprise has been such an incredible experience. As a team we’ve grown so close and YE has been an incredible platform to do that. For the future we expect to go bigger and better and we can’t wait to see what comes next.” – Harriette Evans, Bathe

Ian Stuart, HSBC UK CEO, said:

“HSBC has supported the Company Programme for the last 32 years with colleagues across the UK volunteering their time and expertise to nurture the next generation of entrepreneurs. It’s fantastic to see students deal with real life business decisions and develop employability skills such as creativity, resilience and communication. The Company Programme is a great way for young people to prepare themselves for the future world of business.”


Michael Mercieca, Chief Executive of Young Enterprise, said: “Winning the Company Programme Final represents an inspirational journey with many months of hard work, teamwork, creativity and resilience. The experience and skills students from every team will have developed will stay with them for many years to come.”





Full List of Award Winners

HSBC Company of the Year Award

Team: Bathe
School: Pipers Corner School
Region: South Central

HSBC Company of the Year Award (2nd)

Team: Ragdogs
School: Bloomfield Collegiate School
Region: Northern Ireland

HSBC Company of the Year Award (3rd)

Team: Venture
School: Fortrose Academy
Region: Scotland

HSBC Sustainability Award

Team: Seal Newquay
School: Newquay Tretherras School
Region: South West

AT&T Innovation in IT Award

Team: Sustain
School: Balcarras School
Region: South West

Disney Creativity Award

Team: Venture
School: Fortrose Academy
Region: Scotland

Delta Pursuit of Opportunity Award

Team: Ragdogs
School: Bloomfield Collegiate School
Region: Northern Ireland

FedEx Europe Access Award

Team: Doodle Bloom
School: Channing School
Region: London

Best Presentation Award

Team: Green Bean
School: Abbey Gate College
Region: North West

TELOS Success Award

Winner: Danielle Hardy

Journey Award

Winner: Ben Taylor

Founders Award for Outstanding Achievement

Winner: Yasmin Lee

Team Company of the Year

Winners: Glitterati

Sir John Moore's Special Achievement Award

Winner: Meghan Yates


The final 14 teams represent thousands of young people aged 15-19 across the UK, the Channel Islands and Gibraltar who have participated in Company Programme this year.

East Midlands

Team: Recycled Time

Focusing on the reuse of old vinyl records and transforming them into new products, the team is dedicated to providing great customer service and fantastic quality products.

East of England

Team: Serenotey

A range of hand-designed, templated journals that will help you track the past, organise the present and plan for the future


Team: The Ambient Project

Educating young children about the environment and how small changes in lifestyle actions can lead to a better future.


Team: Doodle Bloom

Doodle Bloom, plantable coloured pencils that are accompanied by a biodegradable plant pot. The team also have plans to expand into more stationary items

North East

Team: Bizzy Bee

A book that follows Bizzy Bee around the world in new and exciting adventures. The Bizzy Bee character raises awareness and gives ideas on the part we can play in combatting pollution and waste.

Northern Ireland

Team: Ragdogs

Unique handmade dog toys, made entirely from recycled materials

North West

Team: Green Bean

A multi-functional fidget toy with social benefits aimed to improve flexibility and dexterity.


Team: Venture

A social enterprise with a Dementia Mitt, Knit Your Own Mitt Kit and an innovative Past Times game to help bring generations together and tackle social isolation.

South Central

Team: Bathe

Bath infusion tea bags inspired by influential women. Each tea bag contains epsom salts, natural dyes, oats, scented oils and dried plant leaves. Comes packaged with an information leaflet about the chosen woman.

South East

Team: YEP

Sustainable soundboard and a childre’s book on the environmental problem of plastic pollution “The Adventures of Fin”.

South West

Team: Balcarras

Sharing our passion for the environment with the younger generation through the use of our book ‘The Adventures of Ecocrew’, activities and digital presence.


Team: Archways

Archways “The Essentials” – scented flashcards to help learners of any age study more effectively using the powers of aromatherapy

West Midlands

Team: Athena

Developed ‘aMEgo’ a product which helps to improve mental well-being in children whilst helping parents become more in tune with their emotions. The team also hope to reduce stigma around mental health.

Yorkshire & Humber

Team: County Colour

Unique hand drawn colouring books aimed at children and adults which are designed to help develop tourism in Yorkshire and enhance people’s understanding of regional landmarks.

UK Schools to take part in My Money Week 2019

Schools from across the UK will be taking part in My Money Week 2019 from 10th to 16th June. This year marks the 11th anniversary of My Money Week, a national activity week run by financial education charity Young Money and supported this year by Santander, which provides primary and secondary school pupils with an excellent opportunity to gain the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to manage money well now, and in the future.


The theme for this year’s My Money Week is ‘saving’. Teachers across the country will be delivering exciting, engaging money related activities, using the digital learning resources and the interactive videos created by financial education experts at Young Money. Below, are just a few examples of the activities schools will be delivering. Primary pupils will be exploring the importance of saving by creating personalised money boxes. They’ll also be discovering the impact irresponsible gambling can have on our finances by researching different types of gambling activities. Secondary school students will consider the future of digital payments by designing a new digital payment specifically for young people.


Financial education is crucial for young people as it enables them to make informed financial decisions and thrive in today’s society. Without the skills built through financial education, young people are at risk of financial difficulties, exclusion and debt. In the light of recent research relating to young people’s personal finance habits including a 2018 report from the Gambling Commission which found that 39% of 11-16 year olds had spent their own money on gambling, initiatives like My Money Week become ever the more important.


Tina Boyle, Head of Brand Strategy & Sustainability at Santander UK, said: “At Santander we are committed to supporting people in our communities by building their financial capability and understanding. It’s never too early to learn about money and it’s important that young people have the skills and confidence they need to manage their money well. We’re delighted to support Young Money on these engaging activities for My Money Week to ensure that all young people are engaged and equipped with the right tools to manage money in their everyday lives and ensure they are set up to prosper.”


Education Secretary, Damian Hinds said: “Education is much more than learning the traditional academic subjects. I want all pupils to leave school prepared for life in modern, diverse Britain, with not only good grades but life skills needed in adulthood. It is great to have initiatives such as My Money Week which provides teachers with engaging resources and encourages pupils to think about how to look after their money.”
Michael Mercieca, CEO of Young Money comments: “I’m delighted to see so many schools getting involved in My Money Week this year. My Money Week has been successful for the last 10 years because it makes delivering financial education easy for teachers and fun and engaging for students. I’d like to thank Santander for their generous support which will ensure thousands of schools have access to flexible, free and fun financial education resources.”


To find out more about My Money Week 2019, please see the following URLs

Primary School trailer –

Secondary School trailer –


To access the digital resources for My Money Week 2019 please see the following two URLs:

Primary school resources –

Secondary school resources –





What are you responsible for at YE? Running Tenner and Fiver Challenge. both are free national enterprise programmes and around 77 000 young people will be taking part this year.


Describe a typical working day? From communicating with schools all over the UK, designing content on website, writing copy for marketing campaigns to designing the resources available online. I am also responsible for all the competitions we run weekly and nationally and organising the two national awards events. No day is ever the same!!


 What attracted you to working at YE? I am passionate about supporting young people and helping them to find a rewarding future in work and life.  I like working with a charity and people, that I feel, can really make a difference.


 What are the best bits about your role? Hearing feedback from people who took part, even if for some, the challenges didn’t always quite go as planned.  It’s important that everyone has the chance to find out about their interest and talent at school and have opportunities to build character development from a young age. That’s when the job satisfaction really kicks in.


What is something you have learnt in the last week?  We have a 10 minute “grace period” to avoid getting hit by fines when parking tickets run out. Just saying…!


 What would you do (for a career) if you weren’t doing this? I’d be a DJ – I’m seriously thinking about buying a mixing deck! My family will be so relieved I didn’t say a singer!


Who inspires you? Impossible to name just one person – I most admire people who have a passion about all they do, and I’ll look for integrity and courage too. For me, it’s always following this inspiration that leads to action.


What would you most likely tell yourself at age 13? Don’t give up on sport – you will one day run the London Marathon (I did both!)


 What does true leadership mean to you? Calmness, excellent motivator and always ready to listen and take on change to get the results!


What three traits define you? Positive, energetic and probably too enthusiastic!


What do you like to do when you’re not working? I go to theatre or live music and walking


What would you name an autobiography of your life? ‘Always and forever…’


If you could pick one superpower, what would it be? Travelling back in time – so many people I would love to have met and maybe even my younger self!

Tenner Challenge Awards

Tenner Challenge is a free nationwide challenge for young people aged 11-19 years old. This year, budding entrepreneurs were given £10 to get their business ideas off the ground and make as much impact as possible. The National Tenner Challenge Competition runs at the end of the four week programme where entries are judged on innovation, creativity and problem solving, along with stories of teamwork and personal development. The Awards took place at The Bank of England.

Highest Profit (11-14 years)

Team: Handmade by MC
School: Belmont Mill Hill Preparatory School
Presented by: Andrew Ring, Hitachi Capital UK

Highest Profit (15-19 years)

Team: Sixtons
School: Babington House School
Presented by: Andrew Ring, Hitachi Capital UK

Best Team (11-14 years)

Team: Marqued
School: Herschel Grammar School
Presented by: Brandon Relph, Entrepreneur and Leading Youth Marketer

Best Team (15 -19 years)

Team: Hearty Herbs
School: Burford School
Presented by:Brandon Relph, Entrepreneur and Leading Youth Marketer

Sustainability (11 -14 years)

Team: Fantasy Fabrics
School: Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar School
Presented by: Abi Mohamed, Co Founder, Community Growth Ventures

Sustainability (15 -19 years)

Team: Roll-A-Coaster
School: Burford School
Presented by: Andrew Ring, Hitachi Capital UK

Inspiring Individual (11-14 years)

Student name: Octavian Paun
School: St John Fisher RC School
Presented by: Abi Mohamed, Co Founder, Community Growth Ventures

Inspiring Individual (15-19 years)

Student name: Alice May
School: Dover Christ Church Academy
Presented by: George Hodgson, Founder & Director, Maison de Choup

Tenner for Good Award

Team name: Paper Petals
School: Holy Trinity School
Presented by: George Hodgson, Founder & Director, Maison de Choup

Tenner Challenge Weekly Winners 2019

Best Logo

Team name: Cinema Snacks
School: Ribston Hall High School
Presented by: Matt Brookes, Spiderzone agency

Best Sales Pitch

Team name: Roll-A-Coaster
School: Burford School
Presented by: Rose Dyson, Founder, Pura Cosmetics

If you’re a school who would like to find out more about participating in Tenner Challenge please visit or email Alison Collington at [email protected]


Company Programme Stories: Neo Retro

Neo Retro are a group of students from Big Creative Training in East London who took part in our 2018/19 Company Programme. The team were given the opportunity to set up and run their own student business and went on to win an award for Best Customer Service at the YE North London Awards.

Following the teams’ success, we wanted to find out more about their Company Programme experience and journey.


Tell us a bit about your team and business idea? We are a group of Gaming Level 3 students that decided to provide a retro gaming service for people in the Walthamstow area who might not have been able to afford it. As well as retro games consoles we also have board games, and the latest in VR gaming experience


What was the inspiration behind the idea? The inspiration behind the idea was to cater for people who want to have a nostalgic trip down memory lane playing old games consoles from their youth but also the fact that the gaming community is very welcoming and we wanted to spread that spirit to others who may not usually be gamers, or be able to afford the consoles themselves.


What has been most rewarding about the experience so far? The most rewarding experience has been Seeing the smile on someones face when they revisit a retro game they haven’t touched since their youth, it makes it all worth while!


What has been the most challenging? The most challenge part of our gaming service is making money from our service, our community is very welcoming and we sometimes found it difficult charging people, as small as the fee was, to play our games. This is also due to the fact that a few people would say they could easily go and play the games for free at their home!


Tell us about your Business Advisor and how they have helped through the process? Our business advisors were great! They gave us real life advice that could actually help us expand and make more money. They looked at all our positives but also kept it real with us ny giving us the improvement the service could do with!


What are the top 3 things you have learnt from the experience? Top 3 things we have learnt from our experience is the importance of making your company, product or service sustainable and environmentally friendly, the confidence we have developed in our own ability and how important it is to look after the customers needs!


How has taking part in Young Enterprise influenced your plans for the future? Taking part in YE has influenced my plan for the future by teaching me to have a strong team behind any idea you have, team work really does make the dream work!


What’s next for the team? We will continue to run NEO RETRO throughout our remaining academic year at college and beyond! In fact we already have a spin-off service running in conjunction. Having spoken to the Mayor of Waltham Forest who really liked our idea, we want to look at expanding our gaming service to a wider audience in the borough!


Sum up your Young Enterprise experience in 3 words Fun, Fulfilling and Unforgettable!


If you’re a teacher, school or organisation working with young people and would like to find out more about Company Programme please get in contact with your local Area Manager via our online enquiry form

Start Up Awards 2019: The Highlights

Students from the University of Chester have been crowned Best Overall Company at the Young Enterprise Start Up Final 2019. The final, held at Chessington World of Adventures on 15th May, celebrated students who have set up and run a student business over the academic year as part of the Young Enterprise Start Up programme sponsored by Equifax.

The Goat Tree is an argan oil co-operative which produces sustainably sourced, 100% argan oil with no additives. 20% of the profits are re-invested to fund the education of the Berber women working in the co-operative, most of whom cannot read or write. The company was set up by University of Chester students Jessica Kelly and Ayoup Jarrai as part of the Young Enterprise Start Up programme.

Check out an interview with the winners and YE alumni Luke Liddiard


Eleven finalists from across the country competed across eight categories – including Digital Excellence, Marketing Excellence, Sustainability and Best Presentation. The overall winning team, The Goat Tree from the University of Chester will go on to represent the UK in the European finals in Oslo.

Young Enterprise works with over 315,000 students each year and the Start Up programme has inspired University level students across the country to set up and run a real business or social enterprise over the academic year. Start Up students have made all the decisions about their business, from deciding the company name and product, to creating a business plan, managing their finances and selling their products.

The winning team is made up of Jessica Kelly studying Global Entrepreneurship and Business Management and Ayoup Jarrai studying International Business with French.

Ayoup Jarrai said: “Winning the national final means a lot for us because representing the UK at the European final in Oslo is the recognition of a year of hard work in between our studies; setting up the company and various trips to Morocco in order to meet the people involved in our co-operative.




Full List of Award Winners

YE Company of the Year

The Goat Tree: University of Chester

Marketing Trust Digital Excellence Award

ihygiene: Loughborough College

Marketing Trust Marketing Excellence Award

Linkbridge: University of Bolton

YE Best Pitch Deck Award

ihygiene: Loughborough College

YE Sustainability Award

Sweet Sips: Liverpool Hope University

YE Journey Award

Louise Wray: University of Bolton

YE Most Outstanding Individual Award

Shankar Jalota: Manchester Met University

Equifax Best Presentation Award

Secure Sport: Loughborough College

To find out more about the Start Up Programme click here.

Alternatively contact Project Manager Andrew Firr at [email protected]


Good luck to our young enterprise team and their excellent initiative to help the homeless! #proud #YEFinals2019 @ChrisBusEco @Eco_Group @STS_homeless @youngenterprise 


A huge well done to our @youngenterprise team @greensweep19 – winners of two awards at the East London Finals. The @Citi Sustainability Award and the Best Marketing Award! A fantastic achievement for a fantastic #ecofriendly product. Very proud of @SydenhamHigh @HeadsSydHigh


Well done Genesis for winning the North West @youngenterprise #JourneyAward for your achievements and development in the @YE_NW competition. Lovely to see the Martinez family support at the Finals held at @LancasterUni


Well done to our #YoungEnterprise team Azurite who won the Best Marketing award at the @youngenterprise Notts County Finals yesterday. The girls showed dedication, resilience and determination, continuing with their presentation despite some illness in the group #teamwork


Fantastic winners Zoomail 2019 #YECommunity @KCCpressdeck @thenetmag @MyCareersOption @sewateruk @vanillaweb @AXAPPPhealth @youngenterprise @sanlam


Good Luck to the Young Enterprise Team representing Cumbria in the Regional Finals today! @AtmosCaldew @LancasterUni @youngenterprise @LinkRecCarlisle


Delighted (and excited!!) to be hosting @youngenterprise @TennerFiverYE Tenner Awards tomorrow for the 2nd year running at @bankofengland. Blown Away by the ideas + initiatives young people create as part of this innovative programme.


Bravo to all of the Winners of Tenner 2019 (with over 27,000 participants!) Great to meet some of you today at @bankofengland. Congratulations and thanks @youngenterprise for doing such a brilliant job!


Thank you so much for having us. We loved looking around The Bank of England Museum, meeting and chatting to everyone and talking about Handmade by MC. Thank you for our certificates and award too.


On my way to London for @youngenterprise’s @TennerFiverYE National Final Awards at @bankofengland this afternoon. Judging the Best Pitch award was a very difficult job as entries were fantastic! I’m looking forward to presenting the award to the winning team today


Honestly had the best time with the @youngenterprise team today giving away awards. A month ago, me and the other judges looked through all the toung students startup applications. Never been so impressed seeing business being built up with only £10! Impressive #startups

Inspiring Students in Futuristic Design and Development of Products

RS Components’ support for Young Enterprise expanded after two decades of involvement

RS Components (RS) the trading brand of Electrocomponents plc (LSE:ECM), the global multi-channel provider of industrial and electronic products and solutions, has expanded its support for the 2019 Young Enterprise initiative. RS, which has been involved with the programme for almost 20 years, hosted a week-long workshop at both its Corby head offices and the RS Local branch in Watford. These workshops provided a great opportunity to inspire local talented students to develop their design and engineering skills.

RS invited students to its offices in Corby from local schools including Northampton High School, Gartree High School, Kingsthorpe College, Northampton School for Boys, Northampton School for Girls, Rawlins Academy and The Duston School and gave them a challenge to repurpose everyday disposable items. Following this, the students will now work on their design projects for one month before sending them to the RS judging panel which includes Lindsley Ruth, Chief Executive of Electrocomponents. Up to ten finalists will be invited to the Group head office in London in June to present their projects back to the panel.

Earlier this month RS helped to curate the Young Enterprise presentation delivered to 130 gifted and talented Year 9 students from across the UK. The programme helps students build skills including marketing, finance and communications to aid employability. RS also provided STEM ambassadors as mentors for the students, available to them on each day of the week-long event.

Laura Giddings, STEM Education Manager, Northern Europe, commented: “RS has been working with the Young Enterprise programme for almost two decades, and we have extended our support this year to demonstrate our passion for inspiring young entrepreneurs, and our commitment to promote engineering. Young Enterprise’s mission statement is ‘to inspire and equip young people to learn and succeed through enterprise’ – an ambition which is close to our own, which is to enable and inspire tomorrow’s engineers to make more possible.

“Over the week, we have delivered valuable information about engineering and technology to the students and shown them how RS supports engineers and technologists. The students really enjoyed their time with RS, taking on board the knowledge and advice that was offered to them. We can’t wait to see how the efforts from this week will translate into designed products.”

Robin Neighbour, area manager for Young Enterprise in Northamptonshire, said: “We’re grateful for the support RS has given to Young Enterprise over the years. This year has been phenomenal with support on the presentation to students – which is a key part of inspiring them to participate in the initiative – and support with hosting and judging. We’re thrilled with the calibre of students coming through the programme and it’s been great to focus on the important area of technology and engineering.”

The deadline for entries is 26th April, with finalists announced on Friday 10th May. The finals will take place on 18th June 2019, when up to 60 students will be visiting the RS London office with their teachers. First, second and third place prizes will be awarded.

All Party Parliamentary Group launches inquiry into children in care and financial education

The All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Financial Education for Young People is today launching an inquiry into the current state of financial education available to children in care.

Launching the inquiry, Julian Knight, MP for Solihull and Chair of the APPG said:

“Understanding how to manage money is a key skill that is essential for all aspects of adult life. Financial education equips young people with the knowledge, skills and attitudes they need to lead independent lives, plan for the future and protect themselves from financial crime.

Access to good financial education is even more important for children in care who face tougher challenges when they leave the care system and become independent adults.

Our inquiry will look at the current challenges that looked after children face in accessing financial education and what we can do better to empower these young people to lead independent lives and successful careers once they leave care.”

In a previous report, the APPG established the importance of improving the scope and quality of financial education in schools1. The APPG’s new inquiry looks specifically into the financial education of children in care and the specific issues they face in accessing financial education.

Children in care often face tougher challenges than their peers. Research suggests:

  • People who have their family to help them prepare for adult life are less likely to fall into debt or financial difficulty than those without this support network
  • Care leavers often reach financial independence at a younger age and with less support than their peers, and there are some indications they are at greater risk of lower financial capability – looked after children aged 7–17 are less likely than their peers to be able to explain choices made when spending money, and at age 16–17, they are more likely to score worse on measures of money management like managing a day-to-day budget or allowance, and understanding choices have to be made when spending


The inquiry will consider what measures are currently being undertaken to support children in care with their financial education and what can be done to better support this group of vulnerable young people in forming positive financial habits. This issue is particularly relevant as the first cohort of children in care will soon be able to access their Child Trust Fund savings, which was provided by Government between 2002 and 2011. The APPG is grateful to the Money Advice Service for supporting the inquiry.

The APPG is keen to hear from local authorities, care providers, charities, academics, care leavers, fosters carers, schools and other organisations and individuals involved in this space. The deadline for the submission of written evidence is 31st January 2019 and the APPG plans to hold a number of oral evidence sessions in the first quarter of 2019, before publishing an inquiry report. Evidence can be submitted by sending a word document to the APPG Secretariat at [email protected]


Full remit of the inquiry