Duke of Westminster meets Chester School students as part of Young Enterprise programme

Young Enterprise and The Westminster Foundation work together to transform young people’s futures by helping them develop the skills that will prepare them for the world of work.

May 2022

On 5th May, the Duke of Westminster visited Christleton High School in Chester to meet with groups of Year 9 and Year 12 students, all taking part in programmes run by Young Enterprise, a national financial and enterprise education charity.

In partnership with the Westminster Foundation, the visit saw the Duke meeting a group of Year 9s taking part in the Learn to Earn programme, which helps young people consider financial plans for the future and make informed decisions about their careers.

The Duke also met with a group of Year 12s taking part in the Company Programme, which aims to give young people the opportunity to sell their products to real customers to generate a profit.

The students involved in the Company Programme make all the decisions about their Young Enterprise business, from the company name and product, to creating a business plan, managing their finances and selling their goods. In doing so, young people gain the practical business experience, adaptability, confidence, resilience and key employability skills needed to build successful futures.

The participants in Company Programme at Christleton High created Bottled Aromas. They went on to win a Young Enterprise competition, being awarded the Best Presentation Award for their company. They commented:

Jack: “We learned a lot about time management, plus a sense of how to work as a group and build our teamwork skills and not just work as individuals. Some of us enjoyed making the product the most, others enjoyed the planning that we did at the start of the process.”

Sophie: “We started out not knowing anything about entrepreneurship, but through doing the programme, we developed our business skills. Selling has been my favourite part of the experience.”

Head of Business and IT at Christleton High School, Kate Dennan commented:

“From the outset it gives students a fantastic opportunity. At first you get lots of students who are unsure what to do and how to run a business, but very quickly the support of Young Enterprise (and the website which they offer) shows them all the different stages of how to create a business.

The skills that they learn are phenomenal. We’ve been able to give our students a wide range of opportunities which we wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise”

Student at Christleton High School, commented:

“It was really nice to meet the Duke and speak to him about his business and choices in life”

Hugh Grosvenor, the Duke of Westminster commented:

“Young Enterprise is doing a brilliant job to empower young people, equipping them with real skills that are relevant in life beyond education. I was struck by how all the students taking part in the Company Programme told me how it really boosted their confidence through taking on a new challenge and learning new skills together. I’d like to thank the students and staff at Christleton High School for their very warm welcome and I look forward to seeing plenty of amazing things in the future from this next generation of workers and entrepreneurs.”