Hendon school wins the UK’s most entrepreneurial school

On 7th November, Hendon school in London were awarded with a UK Entrepreneurial School (TES) Award, at the ceremony hosted in Vienna, for their cutting-edge vision and outstanding implementation of entrepreneurship education programmes.

The school has developed a Smart Futures programme of Learning, which is incorporated into the School Development plan.

The TES Awards is an annual recognition, led by JA Europe, which recognises 17 outstanding primary and secondary schools championing entrepreneurship education. The Awards aim to provide a supportive and motivational framework to guide schools, headmasters and teachers from across Europe in their entrepreneurial learning initiatives.

Hendon have consistently demonstrated that enterprise and entrepreneurial education is embedded throughout the whole school, by working alongside over 150 businesses who provide career opportunities and enhance creativity and resilience amongst their students. They have close relationships with large businesses such as Reed, the Marriot Hotel Group and Nomura Investment Bank, and every year all 1200 of their students receive high quality enterprise education experiences.

Representatives from the school attended the fourth edition of the Entrepreneurial School Awards, which took place in Vienna. Headteachers and teachers from the 17 other award-winning schools from across Europe also attended the ceremony, which was hosted by Siemens.

Caroline Jenner, CEO of JA Europe, said: “If we want to prepare youth for the future of jobs, we need to ensure they are equipped with the right skills today. Schools, teachers and families therefore have an essential role to play in fostering not only their academic skills but their soft/entrepreneurial skills as well, with a strong focus on practical experiences. Next century schools will definitely look like the Entrepreneurial School awardees.”

Wolfgang Hesoun, CEO of Siemens Austria, comments: “A proper education is the key for young people to get to know themselves, their strengths and interests. Therefore, we make sure to provide and help our employees to develop their professional and personal skills and offer young people, especially apprentices, the education which suits their individual background.”