Tenner Challenge Report

The Tenner Challenge is a free national challenge for students aged 11-18. Over the course of four weeks, students will use £10 pledges to get their student business ideas off the ground. It’s an interactive programme that helps students to develop key employability skills including creativity, reslience, and problem solving.



The Tenner Challenge is a free to schools, four-week UK-wide initiative that challenges young people aged 11-19 to take a £10 pledge to get their business ideas off the ground and make as much profit as they can.

The Tenner Challenge represents a safe environment for young people to experience the complete process of setting up and running their own enterprise; from creating a product, designing a company logo, working as a team, and managing a budget to trading with the public. Through experiential learning, the Tenner Challenge offers a platform for young people to build and develop key employability skills that will prepare them for the changing world of work beyond statutory education.




Impact and Evaluation Team