Family Money Twist Years 3-6

Produced by MyBnk

Minimum Age: 7
Maximum Age: 11

Family Money Twist from MyBnk teaches 7-11 year olds the basics of money whilst setting positive habits like saving and mindful spending.

This independent learning course involves three interactive sessions of videos, games and quizzes supported by guidance for teachers and parents.

Free and online, it is designed for direct use by children, with actionable ‘tell/ask/show’ activities to prompt important conversations. Children will gain budgeting skills and develop an understanding of delayed gratification by creating saving goals.

Sessions cover:

  • Needs and Wants: Where money comes from, and understanding common needs and wants found in the home.
  • How to Budget:Understanding the importance of budgeting, and creating a budget for bedroom decoration.
  • Saving and Delayed Gratification: Exploring the concept of delayed gratification and creating personal saving goals.

The course involves maths, art, drama and literacy skills. Children can choose a task that compliments their learning style, through age and ability, with ‘Make it, Say it, or Write it’ options in each session.

This programme is supported by Kickstart Money.