Primary Financial Literacy

Produced by Barclays LifeSkills

Minimum Age: 7
Maximum Age: 11

Barclays LifeSkills, the free employability and financial capability programme, has created a suite of financial literacy lessons for primary school children aged 7-11 years old. These lessons teach pupils how to form good money habits now which can help them manage their finances as they grow older.

Each lesson covers topics such as budgeting, saving money and mobile banking, with the opportunity for pupils to put their financial literacy skills into practice with tasks and activities that can be completed as a group, or independently.

The activities in each lesson have been carefully crafted with cross-curricular links including Maths, English and PSHE. They also include the development of core transferable skills which help pupils as they continue with their education and move towards employment, including creativity, problem solving and teamwork.

Each lesson can be delivered to pupils in a classroom or during a remote session. Along with presentation slides to provide a visual stimulus, some lesson plans also contain interactive worksheets so pupils can complete the tasks regardless of their location.