Produced by EVERFI

Minimum Age: 12
Maximum Age: 16

Thrive has been designed to develop critical financial education skills through five 10-minute online modules, plus offline classroom activities.


This course is aimed at young people aged 12-16. The course follows Claudia as she plans and saves for a road trip to a music festival. As well as looking at why budgeting is important and ways Claudia can pay for her trip, students are prompted to think about their longer-term ambitions and consider how they can achieve their financial goals.

Thrive consists of 5 modules and can last from 50 minutes to 2.5 hours, depending on how many activities you wish to undertake. Students will learn a number of important and easy to understand lessons such as how to budget, how to save or invest, as well as how their employment and education training can affect their future income and standard of living.

There are currently over 200 teachers registered to the course and using it across the UK.