In all those years young people, schools and teachers have never before been faced with the challenges we have experienced since March 2020.  We understand the impact that this has had, and will continue to have, and have adapted our programmes to provide the most flexible way of working alongside you this academic year.

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We have developed a blended learning approach across our programmes and services ensuring we can continue to work together to enrich the enterprise and financial education of your young people.

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“At Young Enterprise we are well aware of the significant challenges that schools, teachers and young people have faced over recent months, and that the 2020/21 academic year will be different to any other.  I’m extremely proud of the efforts of our committed staff and amazing supporters that have enabled us to adapt our programmes and services so they are ready for you and your young people whatever the circumstances.  There is no doubt there is a challenging year ahead, but with challenge always comes opportunity – the basis of our Enterprising Mindset.”

– Sharon Davies, CEO of Young Enterprise