Our Partnership with Young Enterprise is driven through our work in the UK Women’s Leadership Network. Leveraging colleagues across the UK to support young people develop their business skills and get them ready for a digital career. Utilising volunteerism which is at the heart of Mastercard ‘doing well by doing good’.

“Working in partnership with Young Enterprise has been a truly inspiring experience for all our volunteers. Seeing young people grow in the skills they need to be successful and their aspirations for the future has been amazing to see. The amount of talent they have and will continue to develop will certainly be an opportunity for us all. I look forward to us continuing to be a part of their journey”, Jennifer Michael – Director, Programme Management

Partnership Impact on the young people we support

Bringing together a cross-section of our business to introduce Mastercard to young people and support the efforts of Young Enterprise through their various programmes. Sharing our knowledge and lived experiences to create a holistic view outside of academia that showcases our diverse talent pool, which young people can identify with.

Partnership Ambitions

Our ambition is to continue to grow our partnership with Young Enterprise, supporting the development of new and enhanced programmes.

As an organisation, we aspire to continue to grow our talent, driving diversity and inclusivity into every part of the business. Being able to engage with young people from our communities will support our talent pipeline through future generations.


“The energy that supporting Young Enterprise gives me, spending time with these young people is priceless”. Mastercard staff member

“The time we have spent with Young Enterprise has been truly enriching.  Mastercard staff member


“Knowing the next generation is so talented and seeing them grow over a number of events is inspiring”. Mastercard staff member

“I’ve loved working as an internal ambassador to Young Enterprise and sharing my learnings with the team. Having the opportunity to work with young people and see what they can do is a joy.” Mastercard staff member


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