We’re committed to giving young people the tools they need to get ahead in life. And we can’t do it without you. That’s why we’re passionate about providing teachers and educators with the knowledge and skills they need to help young people succeed.

Giving you the tools to teach financial education.

We offer a range of free training opportunities that will help you build the knowledge and confidence to deliver effective, relevant and age appropriate financial education through;

  • Appreciating how financial education can be made real and relevant to the young people you work with
  • Understanding where financial education most effectively fits within your curriculum
  • Increasing awareness of key tools to assist in the development of financial education in your context
  • Knowing where to find further support and resources to aid financial education delivery

Financial Education for Primary Teachers 

Develop and deliver effective and engaging financial education within the primary curriculum in a way that is real and relevant to your students. Financial Education for Secondary Teachers 

Develop and deliver effective, engaging financial education within the secondary curriculum in a way that is real and relevant to your students. 

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Enterprise Education for Secondary Teachers 

As well as our financial education training we can also offer free training which enables you to create a coherent programme of enterprise education which supports students to develop skills and competencies in preparation for future employment, education or training. Find out out more here.

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Tailored in-house training 

Personalised training for up to 20 people to meet your specific needs. To find out more, get in touch with our Services team: [email protected]  or call 020 7330 9485.

“Excellent session – clear objectives, discussion and useful resources. Thank you.”  – Teacher, Teach First Conference

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