TELOS Sustainable Success Competition


Here at Telos Partners we believe in long-term, sustainable success and performance.

One of the key factors in achieving sustainable success is to ensure that the needs of all stakeholders are considered and addressed.

But how else can you establish a sustainable and successful business?

We want you to tell us!


Launched in 2013, this competition allows us to engage the next generation of business leaders to think about how to achieve long-term success.

“The essay competition challenged me to take concepts and apply them to real-life situations, to think from the perspective of an insider trying to inspire change, rather than as an objective outsider” – Scott Ferreira, Winner 2014


Entry criteria and information

  • Open to all between the age of 14 and 18 – the age cut-off being 31 August 2020
  • This is an individual, not a team competition, although members of a team may enter separately.
  • Each entrant may submit only one essay.


Find out how to enter and download full entry criteria

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