Team Programme

An unforgettable experience

Designed to aid the transition from education into independent living for students with learning difficulties

For ages: 15-19+

The Young Enterprise Team Programme is an exciting enterprise journey that is suitable for students aged 15 to 19+ who have mild to moderate learning difficulties or are studying for Entry Level or Level 1 qualifications.

It is designed to aid the transition from education into independent living and employment by developing life skills through working as a team to set up and run a business or social enterprise. Full teacher and student resources are provided which have been designed to meet a range to abilities and needs.

How does it work?

Over a period of time ranging from one to two years, students work in teams to set up and run a real company or social enterprise under the guidance of their teacher, local business volunteer and Young Enterprise Manager. Each student takes on a job role and works as part of a team to be responsible for an area of the business such as Finance, Sales or Marketing. Students have the opportunity to manage money, open a bank account, interact with business volunteers and customer at sales events and present to an audience. The programme develops life skills which are fundamental for young people making the transition from education:

  • Communication
  • Confidence
  • Teamwork
  • Resilience
  • Money Management

Key features:

  • A detailed handbook for teachers with guidance in setting up and running the business, and materials which can be used as a teaching resource
  • Optional student workbooks for participants to record and celebrate the skills they have developed
  • A flexible process for managing finances by recording sales/purchases and calculating how much profit the business has made
  • The opportunity to sell products and work with other schools taking part at local Young Enterprise Trade Fairs
  • The opportunity to take part in a range of competitions including Best Logo, Best Trade Stand and Best Video Presentation
  • Support from a local Business Volunteer who is DBS checked and has received full training from Young Enterprise
  • Support from a dedicated Young Enterprise Manager who will provide guidance and advice throughout the project
  • Access to a range of online resources, including support for teachers in mapping Team Programme to relevant qualifications such as the ASDAN Enterprise Short Course or BTEC Workskills
  • The opportunity to reflect on the learning and development of skills which are valued by employers.

Supporting the Curriculum

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