Team Programme

An unforgettable experience

Designed to aid the transition from education into independent living for students with learning difficulties

Target age group: 15-19+
Key stage: 4 and 5
Group size: between 6 and 25 students per company. Multiple companies can be run from the same education centre
Length: Up to one academic year – flexible to meet school or college needs

Students will develop confidence and vital life skills through working as a team to set up and run a business or social enterprise. Students make all the decisions about their company, from deciding on the company name and product to selling to the public at trade fairs.

Designed for students who have mild to moderate learning difficulties or are studying for an Entry Level or Level 1 qualification, it enables groups of students to work together, interact with adults and grow in confidence as they set up and run their own enterprise.

Each student takes on a job role and works as part of a team to be responsible for an area of the business such as finance, sales or marketing. Students have the opportunity to manage money, open a bank account, interact with business volunteers and customers at sales events and present to an audience.

Why choose this programme?

  • Provides evidence of learning which can be mapped against accredited programmes
  • Provides interesting, innovative and engaging curriculum content
  • Provides pathways for young people’s future
  • Raises the profile of learners with SEND in positive ways within the community
  • Contributes to post-16 study programmes
  • Confidence of handling money and understanding of numbers in a practical context
  • Confidence to communicate and interact with people in a variety of situations including working as part of a team
  • Understanding and improvement of essential life skills to help with transition into employment or independent living
  • Understanding of the world of work and practical business knowledge
  • Greater self awareness to identify strengths and weaknesses and what this means for personal development
  • Support from a local business volunteer who is DBS checked and will provide an insight into their career and the skills which are valued in the workplace

Key features:

  • The opportunity to sell products and work with other schools at local Trade Fairs
  • The opportunity to take part in a range of competitions including Best Logo, Best Trade Stand and Best Video Presentation
  • Full teacher and student resources are provided which have been designed to be flexible and meet a range of abilities and needs
  • Dedicated online resource for participants to record and celebrate the milestones they have achieved
  • A flexible process for managing finances by recording sales/purchases and calculating how much profit the business has made
  • Access to a range of online resources, including support for teachers in mapping Team Programme to relevant qualifications such as the ASDAN Enterprise Short Course or BTEC Workskills

Supports the school curriculum in the following areas:

  • Contributes as an integral part of a whole school/college stable careers programme
  • Utilises Young Enterprise’s large established network of volunteers from a range of industries. YE volunteers are trained to work with young people and support the delivery of our programmes
  • Provides a practical opportunity to explore a range of career opportunities
  • Develops life skills which are fundamental for young people making the transition from education including communication, confidence, financial capability, organisation, initiative, problem solving, resilience and teamwork

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