Making Wise Choices

Key Stage 1


This lesson is designed to help children understand the difference between something we ‘need ‘in order to survive and something we ‘want’ but which isn’t essential. It introduces the idea that sometimes we have to make difficult choices because we can’t always afford everything we want. It also explains that some things we value, like personal or sentimental items, don’t cost money. The children explain the reasons for their choices, orally and in writing.

1. LP2 KS1 – Lesson Plan

2. LP2 KS1 – PowerPoint

3. LP2 KS1 – Needs and Wants definitions

4a. LP2 KS1 – Shopping List (1-page)

4b. LP2 KS1 – Shopping List (cards)

5. LP2 KS1 – Rucksack template

6a. LP2 KS1 – Letter template 1

6b. LP2 KS1 – Letter template 2 (with sentence starters)

7. LP2 KS1 – Parent Postcard