Ways to Pay

Lower Key Stage 2


This lesson is designed to help children understand the similarities and difference between various ‘plastic’ cards that are used to pay for things in shops. This includes using a credit card to borrow money and having to pay back more than you owe because of interest. Pupils use a ‘decision tree’ to select methods of payment and to make spending choices. They explain their decisions by giving advice to a fictional character.

1. LP3 KS2 – Lesson Plan

2. LP3 KS2 – PowerPoint

3. LP3 KS2 – Payment Cards – Similarities & Differences

4. LP3 KS2 – Payment Cards – Definitions

5. LP3 KS2 – Decision Tree

6. LP3 KS2 – Spending Dilemmas

7. LP3 KS2 – Parent Postcard