Household Budgeting

Upper Key Stage 2


This lesson is designed to help children understand regular household expenses such as rent, council tax, utility bills and food. It introduces them to the concept of budgeting and to a simple monthly budget planner. The children also complete a payslip with pay and deductions to work out if a fictional character is earning enough to balance his budget.

1. LP4 KS2 – Lesson Plan

2. LP4 KS2 – PowerPoint

3. LP4 KS2 – Billy’s Shopping List

4. LP4 KS2 – Billy’s New Home

5. LP4 KS2 – Household Costs

6a. LP4 KS2 – Billy’s Budget (Pupils)

6b. LP4 KS2 – Billy’s Budget (Teacher Copy)

7a. LP4 KS2 – Billy’s Payslip (Pupils)

7b. LP4 KS2 – Billy’s Payslip (Teacher Copy)

8. LP4 KS2 – Parent Postcard