Given the extraordinary times we are living through, this country will need to be resilient and explore all opportunities to succeed through difficult times. This clearly impacts our young people and it has never been more important to support young people, our future entrepreneurs and workforce. We have created a club that stands behind the young talented entrepreneurs that get their first experience of running a business through Young Enterprise.

We the YE Entrepreneur Club pledge to champion the next generation of entrepreneurs to ensure the UK continues to create innovative new businesses, and a workforce that can drive and support them.We stand behind Young Enterprise to ensure young people:

  • Experience first-hand the excitement of developing their own product or service
  • Learn how to take a product to market and sell it (including digitally)
  • Learn by real world experiences the challenges and rewards that come from being an entrepreneur

Founding Members

Jason Stockwood

Jason is a philosophy graduate, writer and a businessman trying to help redefine the next era of capitalism to be more inclusive. His new venture,  53º Capital is a new type of private investment vehicle where investment returns are used to fund social projects rather than personal wealth.

Jason's Bio

Robert Elliot

Robert is the co-founder and CEO of Zinc Network. He has worked in the media and communications sector since the late 1990s, initially rising through the ranks of television production to direct, produce and present content at some of the world’s largest media companies.

Robert's Bio
How can I become a member?

Membership is strictly limited to 10 individuals on an annual basis. If you are interested in learning more about the club please do get in touch with Donna Wells, our Director of Philanthropy.