Our Programmes

We inspire young people to develop aptitudes and attitudes that they cannot learn from a textbook or traditional academic curriculum. We offer a wealth of practical ways to help young people from 4 to 25 get a taste of the world of work and the excitement of running a business.

Primary Programmes

Show ages 4-12 how their world works

Throw open a window on the world of work and life in the community with these fascinating activities. There are six Primary Programmes, one per year of junior school. They each contain five fun and interactive lessons.

Secondary Programmes

Sample the enterprise experience!

In our globalised world, where many jobs are being either automated or sent offshore, today’s students need more than traditional academic skills to survive and prosper. Young Enterprise has devised two types of programmes to help secondary school pupils develop the creativity, innovation and adaptability they will need to build successful careers and be good citizens.

University Programmes

Start-up for undergraduates is growing fast

In the midst of the worst employment market for 20 years, many undergraduates are opting to start their own businesses rather than wait for major firms to begin hiring again. They are signing up in large numbers to join Start-up our programme that helps them create a real business while they complete their studies.