Company Programme and Start Up Programme Final Showcases

With immediate effect, all area, county, regional plus the UK showcase finals will be carried out digitally. Where possible, we will carry out the digital event on the same date scheduled for the physical event.  Student companies will not be required to amend their entries as they progress through the heats. This is to ensure that every company is operating on an level playing field and have access to the same opportunities.

The following are links to documents detailing:

The remote showcase process

 The revised scorecard which excludes the interview phase



Leadership Competition

We have teamed up with Telos Partners to offer a written entry competition based around ‘leadership’. Entries can be up to 2,000 words and the deadline for entry is 18th May 2020.

Entry Criteria

Advisory Service

We run a free Advisory Service for teachers, parents and any one working with children and young people. Get in touch for ideas and advice about home learning activities and resources.

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Toolkits of resources for teachers, parents and youth workers to use with children & young people at home.